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Bose RoomMatch DeltaQ

This month we take a look at a variety of line array speaker systems. Line arrays are typically made up of identical loudspeaker elements and mounted in a vertical line to create a directable and focused source of sound. This configuration and the spacing between adjacent drivers yield constructive interference and send sound waves further than traditional horn-loaded loudspeakers with more evenly distributed audio coverage. Match physical drivers with electronics and line arrays will become “steerable,” which comes in very handy in many real-world applications.

The Bose RoomMatch DeltaQ array loudspeakers allows different directivity angles for each module in the array and are designed for permanent installation in performing arts centers, auditoriums, sports arenas, dance clubs, and houses of worship. Features include 42 large-format waveguide patterns, a smooth high-frequency array summation and the choice of five vertical coverage patterns (CADS Manifold). With Bose EMB2 compression drivers, the RoomMatch delivers power with 126dB SPL and frequency range from 55Hz-16kHz. There are two companion subwoofers, the RMS215 or RMS218, which extend the low-frequency range down to 40Hz or 25Hz. Integrated rigging allows fast installation of arrays plus DSP functions and optional Dante-ready interface.

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DAS Audio Aero 40A

DAS Audio’s Aero 40A is a three-way powered line array system that is DASnet-ready for remote monitoring and control. Its unique configuration includes a separate transducer for low, mid, and high frequencies, and is powered by a Class D amplifier (800W + 400W). For HF performance, the Aero 40A relies on the M-75N compression driver and specifically developed BPS-2912 waveguide assembly. The system brings DSP with brick wall FIR filters for alignment and uniform coverage all the way down to the crossover point. Also, the 40A brings high-quality AD/DA converters, which result in lower distortion and ultra-low noise levels.

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Part of the RADIUS family of loudspeakers, the EAW RSX208L is a three-way system useful for both portable and permanent installation applications. The 41lb. RSX208L module incorporates two 8in. woofers for the LF and MF drivers, plus two 1.4in. voice coil HF drivers. To cut down setup and tuning time, Opti-Logic provides automatic array self-detection and instant optimization via onboard infrared sensors. With a frequency response of 65Hz-18kHz, the self-powered RSX206L has a SPL level of 125dB and features the free EAWmosaicTM iOS app. The app allows monitoring control from any location in the venue, and delivers system prediction and optimization.

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JBL Professional VTX V25-II

JBL Professional’s VTX V25-II is a full-size line array module designed to deliver maximum acoustic output in a variety of applications. It features a brand-new waveguide for long-throw performance, wavefront control, and power matching with the Crown I-Tech 4x3500HD 4-channel amplifier. The V25-II utilizes three D2 dual diaphragms for high-frequency performance and has a frequency response of 35Hz-18kHz. The unit is complemented by a new suspension system that provides efficient transport, fast setup, and precise configuration. The V25-II provides stable 90-degree horizontal coverage and a powerful 141dB SPL.

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L-Acoustics KIVA II

A passive two-way WST enclosure for touring concert sound, L-AcousticsKIVA II modular line source element is designed for long-throw sound reinforcement applications with minimum visual impact. Loaded by a DOSC waveguide, the Kiva II features two 6.5in. speakers in a bass-reflex cabinet and a 1.75in. diaphragm compression driver plus L-Fins. The unit’s frequency response is 70Hz-20kH with a 100-degree horizontal coverage. The Kiva II is 31lbs. and can be used as a standalone system or paired with the SB15m subwoofer. Capable of reproducing the high impact and low frequencies of even the most demanding rock concerts, it offers under-balcony, pole-mount, and pullback arrangement options.

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Meyer Sound LYON

As a member of Meyer Sound’s LEO family, the self-powered LYON linear array loudspeaker delivers the same headroom as the LEO-M but in a lighter, compact cabinet. Available in two models, the LYON-M is for primary array coverage and the LYON-W for wide coverage. LYON arrays are paired with the 1100-LFC subwoofer, which offers a high level of clarity, power, precision, and ease of use. It forms a complete system solution with MAPP XT for acoustic prediction, Compass RMS for realtime system performance monitoring, ultra-low distortion, TruPower driver protection, and Galileo Callisto 616 array processor. The LYON can operate at nominal voltages from 85V AC-134V AC. Rigging accessories included.

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QSC KLA Series

The QSC KLA Series is a fixed, active line array loudspeaker designed for live entertainment and other venues. Comprised of two models, the KLA12 is a 12in., two-way loudspeaker and the KLA 181 is an 18in. ported subwoofer. Since both models utilize the same efficient power amp module with different configurations, it enables up to five KLA models to be driven off a single electrical circuit. The KLA12’s frequency response is 44Hz-20kHz and can be extended to 38Hz with the KLA181. Ar-Q frequency optimization is included to quickly tune and configure the array for quick setup times. Also, it’s SOLO rigging system supports deployment without tools or hardware.

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Renkus-Heinz VARIAi VA101i-15

With a range of five horizontal dispersion angles and Renkus-Heinz’s unique transitional waveguides, VARIAi’s VA101i-15 Modular Point Source Array configurable enclosures and hardware make it easy to tailor each speaker to multiple applications. The VA101i-15 is self-powered and comes in 7.5-degree, 15-degree, and 22.5-degree arrayable, weather-resistant enclosures. Whether flown vertically, horizontally, or ground stacked, the VA101i-15 brings a new, ultra-streamlined design to VARIA’s hardware. Dual 1in. HF drivers and a 10in. subwoofer produce a punch of 126dB peak SPL. Custom paint options are available for this unit.

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TOA’s SR-D8 M is an active line array speaker system harnessing eight built-in digital amplifiers to project sound waves to targeted areas with greater precision than is possible with conventional speakers. The speaker system has eight 10cm LF drivers, twenty-four 2.5cm HF drivers, and comes with DSP effects. CobraNet-ready integration is included and the speaker can be paired with its matching subwoofer (SRD8 S) to push 93db SPL. The SR-D8 M also has 90-degree horizontal coverage, vertical angle adjustment up to 45 degrees, and beam splitting for greater aiming flexibility.

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VUE al-12

Designed for large-scale applications, VUE’s al-12 is powered by the new VUEDrive V3 Systems Engine for higher efficiency, increased power handling, and reduced power compression. The three-way, line array system consists of two 12in. LF drivers, six 4in. MF drivers, and two 1.4in. HF beryllium diaphragms. Altogether, the al-12 delivers 4000W burst for each of the low and mid frequencies, and 1000W burst for the high frequencies. Complete with a frequency response of 47Hz-28kHz, 144dB SPL level, and 90-degree horizontal coverage. Flexible rigging options are available to allow flying and ground stacking.

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WorxAudio Technologies XL1

The WorxAudio Technologies TrueLine XL1 is an ultra-compact, high-performance system available in both touring and install versions (powered and passive) for a wide variety of sound reinforcement applications. It features 160-degree horizontal dispersion and 10-degree vertical throw. The XL1 includes a large-format, 1.4in. exit compression driver coupled to a stabilized proprietary FlatWave Former for clear high frequencies over different coverage areas. Dual 8in. cone transducers are coupled to the Acoustic Integrating Module (A.I.M.) to minimize cone filtering. The powered versions of the XL1 incorporates a Class D power amp (PDA-1000) with 500W per channel, Dante audio networking capability, and WorxControl management system.

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Yamaha NEXO STM M46

The wide frequency range (85Hz-20kHz) of the Yamaha NEXO STM M46 means that it can handle speech or light music events alone, thus removing the need for extra cabinets. Four 6.5in. LF-MF drivers and four 2.5in. voice coil HF drivers make up the full-range STM M46. Weighing in at 130lbs., the M46 punches well with a peak SPL of 145dB. HF dispersion is 90-degree horizontal with 0-10-degree vertical coverage. If further low-frequency extension is needed, different subwoofers can be added to extend the low-frequency range such as: the S118 sub (as low as 25Hz) and the B112 bass (as low as 55Hz). This is facilitated by a fully integrated three-point rigging system.

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