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TECHNOLOGY SHOWCASE: Routers & Switchers

As the base for a multidimensional AV system, the Digital MultiTasker from Altinex can hold up to twenty cards for customizable solutions. These can include the MR312-104 control card, the MT305- 804 8×4 HDMI matrix switcher, the MT315-101 HDMI over Anywire transmit card, the MT315-102 HDMI over Anywire receive card, MT317-101 HDMI over Fiber-Optic transmit card, the MT317-102 HDMI over Fiber-Optic receive card, and the MT310-104 16×16 stereo audio matrix switcher. Mounting options are also available.

Analog Way set the foundation for the Ascender 32-4K Seamless Switcher as it LiveCore platform for sophisticated processing, soft edge, and 4K features. Its 12 inputs include 42 connectors in various types and outputs are Universal Analog (HD15 & DVI-A), DVI-I with dual link on outputs 1 and 3, 3G/HD/SD-SDI, and a video optical SFP module cage. It presents a full live preview of all sources and four true-seamless scaled layers plus one native background layer per output. There is also rotation of output in 90-degree steps.

The Enova DGX 800 Enclosure (DGX800-ENC) from AMX can support 4K and Ultra HD content, and it includes a NetLinx NX Integrated Controller. When filled with up to two video input boards and two video output boards, each of which has four connections, the Enova DGX forms an 8×8 switching matrix. Features include automatic setup of DXLink endpoints, single IP addressing for multiple endpoints, and a new web interface. Optional auto-switching boards can provide audio breakaway and parametric EQ on each input.

The Atlona AT-UHD-CLSO-840 has HDMI and HDBaseT inputs and outputs in an 8×4 matrix with PoE remote device powering. It supports resolution up to 4K/UHD at 60Hz with 4:2:0 chroma subsampling, and audio embedding and de-embedding along with independent audio matrix switching. Designed for use with the UHD-EX Series and HDVS-200 Series transmitters and receivers, the switcher also has dedicated audio input and output gain controls and a five-band EQ for each output. The Atlona Management System software is used for remote monitoring and support.

Sound switching has reached a fine point with the SonaFlex SF-16M 16-channel matrix amplifier from Audio Authority. It is equipped with FlexPort inputs so that audio transmitters can provide remote inputs for SonaFlex audio systems via Cat-5e/6 cable. The system is expandable up to 64 output channels with 50W output power per channel. There is now a new control app for iOS or Android, and the SonaFlex setup utility software for PC or MAC allows detailed setup and configuration.

Aurora Multimedia designed the ASP-882A HDMI 2.0A 8×8 4K 60Hz matrix switcher for versatility and ease of use. It allows a user to assign a label for each input and output that will show on the front LCD status display. It can also show the EDID stored on front LCD from each input and even update the firmware from LAN or USB. Any HDMI display can view any HDMI source at any time. Control can be done from the front panel buttons and through the LAN and RS232 ports with it advanced protocols allowing hot plug detection, signal detection, EDID table loading/ recalling, and 16 presets.

The AVS1600 from Black Box Network Services is a card-based modular matrix switcher with built-in analog audio support. As many as 16 input sources and displays can be connected with up to 4K resolution but older formats are also supported. A customizable base can be crafted using the many available I/O cards for HDMI, DVI, VGA, analog video, and HDBaseT for signal extension. The universal card supports any kind of analog or digital input. The unit can be controlled through the front panel, IR remote, RS-232, the Web interface, and TCP/IP.

On the production switcher side, BlackMagic Design has a strong solution with the ATEM Production Studio 4K and its easy dedicated auxiliary switching buttons and machined aluminum face. The handy built-in front panel video screen allows aux monitoring and technical setup assistance. This one is compatible with a wide range of SD, 720p HD, 1080i HD, 1080p HD, and Ultra HD formats, and it has built-in, multi-voltage power supplies. For demanding production environments, a hardware-based ATEM 1 M/E or 2 M/E broadcast panel can be added.

Clearone’s CONVERGE MATRIX is intended for large-scale pro audio routing scenarios. From the CONVERGE MATRIX 64 EX to the CONVERGE MATRIX 512, there is a model to suit a range of installations. Offering audio mixing and routing, the system has Dante networking technology and it is field upgradable with expansion cards. This makes it a strong choice for sound reinforcement, live announcements, prerecorded audio, emergency information, background music, and paging. It is also compatible with all CONVERGE units (840T, 880, 880T, 880TA, 8i, SR1212, SR1212A, TH20, VH20) and CONNECT Dante bridge, and WS800 wireless mic system.

Wherever a 4K multi-format presentation switcher is needed, the Crestron DMPS3-4K- 100-C can do the job with its ability to work with up to four Crestron Connect It Cable Caddies. Its simplified set-up and configuration uses built-in. AV Framework technology. The unit combines a control system, multi-format switcher, 4K video scaler, mic preamp, and audio DSP. For user convenience, it features auto-switching HDMI, VGA, and analog audio inputs. For sound reinforcement, the selected input source and microphone can be mixed and routed to one HDMI output and one stereo analog audio output.

DVIGear’s DisplayNet does seamless switching of HDMI signals up to 4K/30p (4:4:4), and 4K/60p (4:2:0) with fully routable, independent switching layers for all signal types. Supporting audio embedding and de-embedding, DisplayNet extends these signals up to 328ft. on Cat-6a or Cat-7 cable. It can function as a matrix switcher, videowall controller and multiviewer carrying RS-232 and bi-directional IR. There is an analog stereo audio input and the whole signal package runs on 10GbE Ethernet. For a more conventional AV switching solution, DVIGear has the DVI- 3580a, a high-performance 4K multiviewer switcher/scaler. Its seven inputs include four HDMI (or DVI), two DisplayPort and one RGB/YPbPr analog (VGA). Scaled output resolutions reach to 3840×[email protected]

Extron XTP II CrossPoint matrix switchers provide infrastructure for an 8K future. Its 50Gbps digital backplane can switch 4K/60 at 4:4:4 with 16 bits per color, and exceeds HDMI 2.0b and DisplayPort 1.4 bandwidth requirements. Three modular frames (16×16, 32×32, and 64×64) can be configured with a wide variety of I/O boards, enabling end-to-end 4K switching and long-distance signal transmission over twisted-pair and fiber-optic cable.

FSR has introduced the DV-HDSS-41-Tx digital video 4×1 scaling switcher with HDBaseT output. The inputs include two HDMI, one DisplayPort, and one VGA (HD-15) with stereo audio (1/8in.). The HDBaseT output is mirrored with a direct HDMI out. It can remotely power any of FSR’s other 100-meter HDBaseT non-scaling receivers via the Cat- 6a shielded cable. It can be controlled via the front panel buttons, contact closure, RS232, or auto-switching to the latest detected input source.

The Gefen EXT-UHD-88 Ultra HD 8×8 Matrix for HDMI can switch eight 4K sources to any or all of its eight 4K display outputs. Supporting 12-bit deep color (up to 1080p Full HD), the system features pushbutton controls for routing and status, 3D passthrough, and advanced EDID management. It can be controlled via RS232, IP (Telnet, UDP, and the built-in web server interface) along with infrared. Front panel operation and setup uses tact-type, blue backlight buttons, and the panel’s LCD display. The web interface can also be used for firmware updates. The Gefen SynerG software simplifies setup and operation.

IHSE recently unveiled its Draco tera compact UNI matrix switch, a hybrid solution that uses modular SFP (small form-factor pluggable) modules to allow any mixture of SDI, HD-SDI, 3G-SDI, USB 3.0, and Ultra HD KVM in resolutions up to 4K. Any port can be configured as an input or output. Available in eight, 16, 32, or 48 ports in 1RU, and 64 or 80 ports in 2RU, the matrix switcher can fit a wide variety of specific installation needs. The fiber SFP modules come with LC connectors, while the coax SFP modules are available with either transceiver mini BNC or DIN 1.0/2.3 connectors.

The KanexPro FLEX-MMX12 is a flexible and seamless modular matrix designed with 12 adaptable PCIe slots for single VGA, DVI, HDMI, and HDBaseT input and output cards, which allow a customized AV configuration. Supporting video resolutions up to 1080p/60 and PC resolutions to WUGXA, it can be used to create a flexible AV matrix system based on project requirements. There is powerful EDID and HDCP management and independent routing of audio and video. Control options include RS-232, a built-in Ethernet GUI, and IR.

The VP-734 7-input 4K UHD presentation switcher/scaler from Kramer Electronics has four HDMI inputs, one DisplayPort and two user definable analog video inputs. Outputs include scaled HDMI and a 15-pin PC computer graphics connection along with a stereo audio output. The output signal provides con – stant sync to prevent video breakup on transitions. Also featured are seven stereo audio inputs on 3.5mm connectors. Using the builtin video proc amp, each input has color, hue, sharpness, contrast, and brightness settings.

The Lightware USA UMX4x4-Pro2 universal matrix switcher can accept VGA, YUV, DVI, and HDMI 1.3 signals on each input and supports stereo analog and S/PDIF digital audio. There is an individual EDID manager on each input along with a video A/D converter and a digital/analog video switch. There is also an auto-sync function but manual control is also available on image parameters. The UMX4x4-Pro2 can also provide audio de-embedding, re-embed – ding at the output from a different audio source, and even routing audio separately from video.

Marshall Electronics has a versatile unit in the VSW-1000 presentation switcher, which can accept a variety of input sources and formats while sending them to a common output. The switcher is equipped with four HDMI, one DVI, one VGA, two component, two S-Video, and two composite inputs. The output side has two HDMI and one component connection. Operating in either desktop or rack-mount installation, the VSW-1000 can be controlled on the front panel, infrared remote, or RS232. It also includes an IR extension receiver, Windows control application, and 120V/240V universal power supply module.

The OMM-1000 modular matrix router from Opticis allows the use of general PC software such as Hyperlink terminal, telnet, or a web browser for switching 16 DVI, HDMI, SDI, and Display – Port sources to 16 different digital displays. It can be customized with the selection of four different I/O cards, each with four ports for input and output. Dual-link DVI supports from 2×2 to 8×8 input/output and the system includes diagnostics to aid any troubleshooting. The reference video and audio output simplifies installation.

The Jaguar-3 64×64 matrix switcher from Pesa supports video transport up to 1080p/60, as well as standard data rates from 270Mbps to 3Gbps. Ideal for high-end presentation rooms, tele – medicine, command and control centers, and simulation environments, it can switch SD-SDI, HD-SDI, 3G-SDI, or SMPTE 372M dual-link HD-SDI. All inputs are auto-equalized, and each signal is auto-sensed and re-clocked to the appropriate transport stream. The compact 2RU frame features front load, hot swappable card sets, and includes space for an optional redundant power supply and controller module.

The Purelink PS-6200 6×2 presentation switcher has a built-in audio matrix, multi-format inputs, routing and scaling, audio insertion and extraction, along with A/D and D/A conversion, all in a single rack space unit. Its six inputs: HDMI, DVI, VGA, component, composite, and 3G/HD-SDI can be routed to any of its three outputs. Analog audio sources can be combined and embedded on HDMI output signals and they are all auto-scaled. Embedded audio can also be extracted and fed out as analog sound. The EDID/HDCP Management System provides EDID capture and storage.

Rose Electronics has a DVI matrix that can serve as the system foundation or an expansion in the Ultramatrix AV DVI 16. Capable of routing up to 16 inputs to any combination of outputs, the system is available in 4×4, 8×8, or 16×16 models, and all support video resolution up to 1920×1200. The product is controlled from the front panel or by the RS232 port using control software provided with unit, but there is also an optional Ethernet interface for control over a network. The 16×16 is a rack-mountable chassis.

The Binary 520 Series HDMI Matrix Switcher from SnapAV presents twin formats on each output teaming HDMI for local monitors with HDBaseT for built-in 230ft. signal extension. It’s also PoC enabled with the ability to power the receivers on the same twisted-pair cable. The switcher also features certified Control4 with SDDP (Simple Device Discovery Protocol). A PC configuration utility enables EDID control including three EDID modes. The KIT-520-8x8MX-6RX kit version includes 6 HDBaseT receivers.

With the TL-SM-HDVDP Show Me Presentation System, TechLogix Networx has a switcher, extender, scaler, and controller, all in a single device. Its four inputs include twisted-pair, HDMI, VGA, and DisplayPort. These are teamed up with two independent outputs, one on HDMI for local display and the other on twisted-pair for more remote displays up to 330ft. away. The unit also has a two-port Ethernet switch with integrated extension over twisted-pair along with an integrated USB charging port. There is auto or manual switching between outputs and manual switching through contact closure, front panel, or software.

The Tekvox Quad-View MV71 4K presentation switcher supports up to 4K resolution for four separate sources, and shows them on one 1080p display to allow four users to share content with no loss in resolution. The four inputs are HDMI with HDCP and MHL up to 3840×[email protected] There are also two DisplayPort and one VGA/YPbPr video input. The unit has one HDMI output and it offers selectable audio inserts for all inputs. It supports 7.1 surround sound and breakaway audio switching.

The 1T-MV-8474 4K Multiviewer from TVOne can display up to four video windows simultaneously via 16 different fixed layouts. These can be recalled for a variety of presentation styles. They can include quad split, picture-in-picture, triple, side-by-side, full screen or a multi-layer display. There are four HDMI inputs, two DisplayPort, and one VGA/YPbPr with resolutions up to 3840×[email protected] on HDMI and 3840×[email protected] on DisplayPort. In addition, seven independent stereo analogue inputs can be assigned and embedded into any of the video streams. The unit can be controlled on the Web interface, RS232, Ethernet, IR remote, or on the front panel buttons.

Class A HDBaseT and its 5-Play features are just one aspect of the WyreStorm MX- 0808-HDBT-H2 matrix switcher. Along with that, the unit supports [email protected] transmission, the latest encryption technology compatible with HDCP 2.2 content, S/PDIF audio breakout for ARC zones, five mirrored HDMI outputs for connection of up to 13 sink devices, and PoH for remotely powering the HDBaseT receivers from the switcher. A wide choice of control options includes local pushbutton, IR, RS-232, LAN, IR call-back, and a new WebUI for I/O switching and advanced matrix configuration. It also sports a redesigned modular transmission and fluted aluminum front panel with a repositioned button configuration.

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