Telestream Wirecast Go iPhone live streaming application

Enables users to capture content, insert images, and then stream live
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Enables users to capture content, insert images, and then stream live

Telestream’s Wirecast Go, a standalone iPhone live streaming application, enables users to capture content using their iPhone camera, insert graphics, logos, titles, and other images, and then stream live directly to YouTube or any other RTMP (Real Time Messaging Protocol) server supported by a wide variety of content delivery networks (CDNs). The application offers robust live video streaming to multiple destinations along with the intuitive ability to brand streams, add a range of graphics, and edit shots. The standard version is free to download from the App Store and enables unlimited live streaming to YouTube from an iPhone. It allows insertion of images, logos, and graphics from the user’s photo library, social chat, and sharing, and the ability to save two shots in a shot list. Users looking for added functionality can unlock the premium features of Wirecast Go for $5.99, which enables live streaming to any RTMP destination, and switching between unlimited numbers of shots. An additional premium feature included in the unlocked version is the ability to capture and replay highlights from the live production. 

Availability: In Beta



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