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WATCH: Xiaomi reveals wireless AR concept glasses

Featuring auto-dimming lenses and an untethered experience, the Wireless AR Glass Discovery Edition offers a glimpse of what the future of AR could look like

A decade after the reveal of Google Glass,  companies are still trying to come up with AR devices that aren’t too cumbersome for everyday wear. Chinese tech giant Xiaomi has revealed their new Wireless AR Glass Discovery Edition, a concept model that claims a lightweight, unobtrusive design that runs on the same Snapdragon processor as the Meta Quest Pro.

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To create a more convenient solution for blending the real and the virtual, the Xiaomi Glass weighs slightly over 4 ounces, distancing its self from the more bulky, invasive approaches to AR. For visuals, the glasses rely on two microLED displays that Xiaomi claims pack impressive pixel density and can emit at up to 1,200 nits.

One of the more unique features of the concept model is automatic hand tracking, where gesturing with your hands will automatically be read by the glasses, allowing you to interact with the augmented world around you more seamlessly. Perhaps most surprisingly, the glasses are “wireless,” requiring no hard tether to an external device to function, freeing up the use cases for the device. As it is a concept model, there is no word yet on availability or pricing for the Wireless AR Glass Discovery Edition.

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