tvONE Streaming Media and 4K Playback Module

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tvONE Streaming Media and 4K Playback Module

The Streaming Media Input Module provides CORIOmaster systems with the ability to bring two network streams up to 1080p 60at 25mbs, as well as local playback of 4K UHD or 2x 1080p60 video files. The Streaming Media Input Module also supports still images with full 4K rendering. And with at least 40mbs of total bandwidth, you can easily provide high-quality content to your video wall and projector edge-blend. Local playback is also supported by an onboard media player with up to 128Gb of SSD storage.




tvONE CORIOmaster

The CORIOmaster is a powerful creative video wall processor. Its modular I/O system provides you with the flexibility of any signal in, to any signal out including 4K. Now, with the new streaming media and 4K playback input module, the processors can accept dual IP streams up to more


tvONE C3-503 CORIOmaster

tvONE’s C3-503 CORIOmaster micro is the newest and ultra-compact member of the CORIOmaster product range. It’s designed around offering a more efficient approach to building video wall systems. Using tvONE’s CORIO3 technology, it gives the user access to new levels of video more


Analog Way booth VIO 4K

Analog Way showcased its latest solutions and innovations for professional AV applications at InfoComm 2017. In the Analog Way booth VIO 4K, a powerful, multi-format converter, featured in a three-screen Multi Display setup with a live 4K@60p 4:4:4 demo. Engineered to be more