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Userful and WG Electronic Transparent Videowalls

Userful and WG Electronics have partnered to deliver transparent videowall solutions. WG Electronic’s transparent displays show product information in the foreground while the product itself or anything else can be viewed through the transparent display in the background. With WG Electronics’ adoption of Userful as its videowall solution, customers are able to implement transparent videowalls allowing them to cover larger areas like entire storefronts.

The Userful Network Video Wall is the first videowall to deliver 4K and larger content over the network in realtime from a Core i7 PC. 

“The innovative transparent displays from WG Electronics are a great fit for Userful Network Video Wall and create a huge range of exciting applications,” said Tim Griffin, founder and CTO of Userful Corporation. “Customers can now deploy amazing transparent videowalls without blowing their budgets. Two innovative solutions working together to revolutionize the visual display market.”

“WG Electronics is very happy to join Userful as partners and offer a simple and unique solution to our customers”, said Franz Göschl and Stefan Wibmer, founders of WG-Electronics.

WG Electronics will be showcasing the world’s largest transparent videowall, powered by Userful, at the VISCOM international trade fair for visual communication in Düsseldorf, Germany, from Nov. 4-6. This fair serves to showcase new developments and specialists in the visual communications industry across many sectors and will see the launch of WG Electronics’ transparent videowall.

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