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Vaddio RoboSHOT Elite Series

As we go to press, Vaddio launched the RoboSHOT Elite Series of professional PTZ cameras, ideal for university lecture halls, houses of worship, government chambers, corporate meeting rooms and more. The cameras use a 1/2.5 Type Exmor R generation CMOS image sensor to deliver 8.5 megapixels of 1080p/60 video and more powerful image signal processing. This results in better light-gathering capabilities, color reproduction, and contrast even in dim or uneven lighting conditions—like church sanctuaries or outdoor live events. RoboSHOT Elite 30x cameras include IntelliZoom Image Processing providing a full 30x zoom without compromising image resolution quality. The cameras provide an ultra-smooth pan-tilt-zoom motion, thanks to Vaddio’s silent motors paired with its Tri-Synchronous motion algorithms. PoE+ powered for easy installation, RoboSHOT Elite Series cameras are available in 12x and 30x zoom and are offered in five models – HDBT, HDMI, SDI, CAT-5 and USB. USB models will be introduced later in 2019. RoboSHOT Elite Series cameras are backward-compatible and can be bundled with a variety of extension systems. RoboSHOT Elite Series 12E and 30E cameras allow for IP streaming (RTSP or RTMP format with H.264 compression) to support live events like lectures, meetings and worship services over popular applications like YouTube, Livestream and Facebook. RTSP and RTMP streaming is available with HDBT, HDMI, USB and SDI options. The RoboSHOT Elite Series replaces Vaddio’s existing RoboSHOT 12x and 30x PTZ cameras.

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