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Absen HC0.9

HC0.9 is Absen’s new 0.9-millimeter MiniLED display designed for the high-end control room market and other mission-critical environments that require ultra-high definition images within limited spaces. Applications include conference rooms, boardrooms, museums, and science centers. With the latest IMD 4-in-1 package and Common Cathode technologies, the product offers over 2.5 times the strength of traditional LED screens while consuming 20% less power. With IMD 4-in-1 package technology, the collision resistance of the product has increased by 2.5 times. The technology also led to expanded operation area and improved LED PCB pad, repairing a narrow pixel pitch LED product much easier than conventional SMD products. HC0.9 supports pixel-topixel HD in 4K and 8K, while achieving high grayscale at low brightness levels via CrystalView technology. It also supports the HDR10 standard (high-dynamic-range) content, allowing for a broader range of colors. The power and data redundancy secures the product’s reliability, making it an ideal display solution for mission-critical decision-making applications such as control and command centers.

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