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Absen K Plus Series

The K Plus Series is available in two-pixel pitches, 2.5-mm and 3.9-mm, the K Plus series is a high-impact commercial display perfect for price-driven projects in churches, schools, exhibition centers, lobbies and other verticals With a thickness of only 2.46 inches and weighing 24.3- 18.7 pounds/panel, K Plus is lighter and thinner than traditional displays, making it easier and quicker to build large format video walls, leading to less cost on steel structure and labor. Also, K Plus was designed with heat dissipation and power efficiency in mind to save costs with outstanding heat dissipation performance. With multiple panel size options, K Plus panels and modules can be rotated to create portrait, landscape and mixture installations, offering extreme design flexibility and maintenance options to customers. This commercial product supports wall-mounting and hanging and can also be customized for creating 90-degree corners.

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