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At InfoComm, LG unveiled a new 54-inch DVLED video wall solution using 54-inch bezel-free LED Bloc displays that simplify installation and open up new design possibilities. In addition to a cutting-edge appearance with no dividing lines, the new LSAC series direct-view LED (DVLED) cabinets are designed to allow integrators to use existing VESA mounting hardware from previous LCD installations.The new DVLED cabinet is approximately four times larger in area than most commonly used DVLED cabinets, and its unique size allows integrators to easily utilize video wall spaces and infrastructure that previously used 55-inch LCD panels. These 600-nit, 2.5mm pixel pitch DVLED panels reduce the total number of cabinets and connections needed to form the same size display. Whereas a traditional 4×4 video wall made from 55-inch LCD displays requires 16 signal cables and 16 power cables, a comparable video wall using the new 54-inch DVLED requires just four signal cables and eight power cables.

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