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Christie MicroTiles 3D

The LED Active 3D option for the Christie MicroTiles LED line was designed for a flicker-free 3D experience. Using active shuttered 3D glasses, users can view 3D content at 120Hz (60Hz per eye) at a 1.25mm pixel pitch. Combined with MicroTiles’ high-brightness and P3 cinema-quality color, Christie MicroTiles LED Active 3D is suitable for even demanding 3D installations such as aerospace, automotive, military, and themed entertainment. With Active 3D, Christie MicroTiles LED displays 4K UHD content at 120 frames per second at 1000 nits brightness via a Christie Link E1000-3D video wall controller. Coupled with Christie MicroTiles LED design flexibility, including inside and outside corners up to 90-degrees and convex and concave curves, the display can be customized to suit anywhere from CAVEs to control rooms. The cabinet-free Click-n-Go LED tiles can be arranged seamlessly in near-limitless ways. An innovative ADA-compliant QuickMount system lets you quickly build a display in virtually any shape or size. And the intuitive, easy-to-use web-based control interface can be accessed from any connected device.

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