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tvOne Enhanced CORIOmaster Video Wall Processors

In February, tvOne started shipping new enhancements to the powerful CORIOmaster (4RU), CORIOmaster mini (1RU) and CORIOmaster micro (1/2RU) video wall processors. The enhancements include a secure communication suite with full REST API and multi-user control. Other improvements include an HDMI 4-port output module, and audio support for the CORIOmaster and CORIOmaster mini for embedded audio, and a dedicated audio module. The system is compatible with all secure network infrastructure environments. The HDMI 4-port output upgrades the C3-540 CORIOmaster to up to 56 outputs. The embedded audio support and new audio module ensure the CORIOmaster can smoothly combine video and audio in an installation. The IP streaming module now accepts both H.264 and H.265 (HEVC) for higher quality, increased bandwidth performance and includes an ultra-low latency mode. These all-in-one system solutions can manage up to four canvases for supporting multiple video walls, while also performing various other video tasks simultaneously, including: audio, real-time 360 video rotations, multi-image processing and rotation and edge blending.

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