Visix Paper White EPS

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The new Paper White EPS room sign from Visix utilizes the latest electrophoretic display technology, but more importantly Visix has created middleware that allows users to map multiple event management systems simultaneously, and minimize updates to the signs to prolong battery life. Electronic paper signs (EPS) are the most cost-effective option to display current schedules outside shared spaces—an inexpensive, wireless, and battery-operated solution. These lightweight six-inch displays don’t require any cabling, so they can be placed virtually anywhere—outside meeting rooms, classrooms, training rooms, or any other shared space. You can also attach them to desks or cubicles for workspace hoteling. The Visix Paper-White EPS room sign is another technology that allows the integrator to become more involved in the current trend of workplace optimization.



16 Encounter, Bait Ball, Credit Invision AP Diane Bondareff

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