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Whitepaper: New Federal Distribution Transformer Regulations Coming in 2016

New federal standards will result in a significant price increase for transformers due to having to use larger quantities of higher-grade metals need to manufacture them.

LynTec released a new whitepaper titled “New Federal Distribution Transformer Regulations Coming in 2016.” Written by Alan Tschirner, vice president and general manager of LynTec, the document highlights the changes being made by the Department of Energy (DOE) to existing regulations on distribution transformers and how those changes will make business more costly for manufacturers and audio professionals alike.

Audio consultants regularly use distribution transformers to isolate installed sound systems from the rest of a building’s electrical system. The new DOE regulations, effective Jan. 1, 2016, are designed to make the use of large transformers more efficient and thereby cut down on carbon emissions. To achieve these new federal standards, transformers will be required to use larger quantities of higher-grade metals, which will require manufacturers to create larger transformer enclosures, resulting in a substantial increase in price for the integrator and end-user. This whitepaper will also address what you can do to prepare for this change.

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