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Yamaha introduces new products at NSCA Expo

Yamaha introduces new products at NSCA Expo

Feb 22, 2006 7:04 PM

At NSCA 2006, Yamaha is introducing a variety of new products. The company is also co-sponsoring ExpoJam with the NSCA (featuring the Brian Setzer Orchestra) and putting on daily demos on “Audio Tools” to inform contractors, consultants and sound reinforcement professionals on exactly what is available in the realm of “everyday tools” for system creation and design.

According to Yamaha, these are the products that will be featured at the 2006 NSCA Expo:

Installation Series Loudspeakers: Eleven new models join the Yamaha Installation Series line, and carry on the standard with seamlessly integrated enclosures, hardware, components, crossover networks and linear phase design. New high- and mid-powered cabinets bring even more audio and budgetary options to the medium-to-large scale touring and system integration markets.

M7CL Digital Live Mixing Console: The M7CL answers many challenges raised by customers and engineers by delivering a high-performance mid-sized digital desk that anyone can use—regardless of their experience—without being overwhelmed by technology. Yamaha’s classic feature set and operational power go a step further with a uniquely user-friendly control surface. The Centralogic interface provides the ultimate in intuitive operation, with touch panel control, a logical navigation system—and no layers. Now, anyone or any venue can “upgrade to digital.”

DME Satellite Series: Engineered for designs requiring a distributed DSP system, the Yamaha DME Satellite Series includes three DME8i-C models with various I/O options. Connections include Ethernet, USB and RS422 control ports, an 8 in/4 out GPI port, plus primary and redundant CobraNet ports. Additional upgrades, based specifically on the needs of contractors, will also be available, including DME Designer V2.0, a software upgrade providing programming, control and feedback suppression.

MY8-AEB and MY16-CII: Two mini-YGDAI digital I/O cards join the MY Series Expansion Cards. The 8 input/8 output AES/EBU MY8-AEB, has been designed specifically for the broadcast market, and is compatible with AES3id-1995 Standard for unbalanced digital signal transmission. Connections include eight BNC I/O and a single BNC Reference Video Sync input. The 16-channel MY16-CII CobraNet is targeted to the system integration and live sound reinforcements markets, and features primary and secondary CobraNet ports. Both units will seamlessly integrate with Yamaha digital devices, and are up to 24-bit/96kHz compatible.

SP2060 Speaker Processor: Designed to function as a distributed system processor or as a stand-alone device, the SP2060 has been engineered to offer complete 24-bit/96kHz processing and substantial DSP power for the Yamaha Installation Series loudspeakers. The 1RU provides a number of DSP functions and a dedicated library for each Installation Series model—all accessible from the familiar SPX-type “cross-key” navigation buttons on the front panel.

AVY16-ES: Manufactured by AuviTran and distributed in the U.S. by Yamaha, the NEXO-compatible 16 channel I/O AVY16-ES card will create a system in Digigram’s EtherSound network, ensuring affordable high-performance digital audio networking. Compatible with a wide range of Yamaha digital mixers and DSP engines, the AVY16-ES provides a simple solution to link Yamaha digital mixing consoles with NEXO network processing systems.

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