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Connectivity Buzzwords Decoded

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Connectivity Buzzwords Decoded

Aug 8, 2011 2:08 PM

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With Jonathan Brawn, CTS, DSCE, DSDE, DSNE, ISF, ISF-C
August 10, 2011 at 11:00 AM PDT | 1:00 PM CDT | 2:00 PM EDT

Have you struggled with HDMI in a commercial setting or are you looking for an alternative? What are EDID delays and how can they be mitigated? What is FST? What is HDMI's range, really? What are the differences between HDbaseT and HDMI? Do you need to know more about managing DisplayPort interoperability? Do you want to know more about UWB vs. WHDI wireless standards and where they are going?

Whether you want an introduction or a refresher—or you have questions to ask--this is a great opportunity to clarify your understanding of new connectivity technologies. A live Q&A session will give you a chance to ask specific questions.

Here are some of the connectivity topics that our speaker will cover:

  • HDbaseT vs. HDMI
  • HDMI range extension
  • HDMI over Cat-5
  • EDID and FST
  • DisplayPort interoperability
  • Wireless technologies UWB, 802.11, WHDI and where they're headed
  • Power over Ethernet

Jonathan Brawn - CTS, DSCE, DSDE, DSNE, ISF, ISF-C Jonathan Brawn is a principal of Brawn Consulting, an audio visual consulting, training, educational development, and market intelligence company. Jonathan serves as faculty for InfoComm, and chairs the hardware and software educational committees for the Digital Signage Expo, as well as participating in the educational development committee for the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association (SGIA). Jonathan is a co-founder of ISF-Commercial and co-director of the Digital Signage Experts Group. He has developed training programs for Hughes, InfoComm and for manufacturers and dealers throughout the US. Jonathan was formerly Director of Engineering for Visual Appliances, an Aliso Viejo CA based firm that manufactured ZeroBurn plasma display technology, and successfully ran his own audiovisual integration group, Brawn & Associates, serving the residential and commercial audiovisual markets in southern California. He has over 16 years of experience in technology, design, and educational development.



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