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Fiber Optics Basics: Principles, Equipment and Standards

Fiber Optics Basics: Principles, Equipment and Standards

May 13, 2011 10:13 AM

Date: May 26, 2011 2:00 PM EDT

Since its adoption by the telecom industry, the falling cost and technical benefits of fiber optics have driven this technology to the forefront of the AV business with an explosion of innovative products and widespread installation. Along with the proliferation of hardware, the need to know the basics of fiber optic AV technology has spread from the workbench to the boardroom.

This webcast offers a survey in the basic foundations of what is perhaps the most dynamic area of modern AV signal transmission. The presentation is tailor-made for anyone desiring a quick and easy introduction to the world of fiber-optic AV principles, equipment, and standards. The event will explain the basic elements of a fiber-optic transmission system, including modulation methods, fiber cable characteristics, transmission windows, testing fiber-optic systems, compression and multiplexing, and optical routing switchers, among other important components. The program is detailed but general enough for professionals in non-tech positions to strengthen their tech know-how. These tips and more will be revealed:

  • When is a VCSEL better than an LED for fiber links?
  • What’s Fresnel loss?
  • How does the acceptance angle relate to the numerical aperture in a fiber optic cable?
  • What’s the advantage in using an OEO rather than an OOO fiber router?
  • What is the optical budget?
  • How is an OTDR used for testing fiber optic systems?

SVC contributing editor, veteran broadcast engineer, and AV technician Bennett Liles will guide us through the realm of fiber optic transmitters, receivers and cable anatomy with a look into what makes fiber optic systems work and what can make them stop working. Don’t miss this fascinating look behind the scenes of fiber optic systems design, testing and operation.

The webcast is for:

  • Venue technicians with new fiber systems
  • Fiber optic PR and marketing professionals
  • Prospective fiber system buyers

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