Mounting Tips for Large Display Systems

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Mounting Tips for Large Display Systems

Jun 23, 2010 12:09 PM

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Date: July 12, 2010
Time: 2pm ET/11am PT

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Large-screen displays are all around us—at home, at work, in the airport, and even at the mall.

Even though they are quite common, large-screen integrations may still require a great deal of planning and careful execution in order to ensure a neat, clean, safe, and on-time installation.

This webcast is intended for those involved with specifying and installing large-screen displays. It will explore the basic practices that must be followed as well as the challenges faced when integrating large-screen displays. The goal of the webcast is to arm the attendee with the information needed to ensure a successful large-screen integration experience.

Topics covered by the webcast will include:

  • Mount types and considerations: characteristics of each
  • Hardware selection and ratings: what hardware and fasteners to use when
  • Safety on the job site: safe practices when installing large-screen displays
  • Things to avoid: the little things that get in the way of a successful installation
  • Extremely large displays: unique considerations when dealing with displays larger than 65in.

Presenter bio:

Mike Keadle is a design engineer for the Tennessee region of Technical Innovation, a leading AV integration firm in the Southeast United States. Keadle has been involved in the AV industry for 15 years having previously worked as an installer, project manager, and technical operations director. He has earned his CTS-D and CTS-I certifications through InfoComm International, and he is a member of the InfoComm Academy faculty. He serves on the Ethics and Disciplinary Committee and CTS-I Certification Subcommittee, and he previously served on the PETC Committee for InfoComm.

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