Realities of Integrating Audio Networks with Dante

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Things are moving fast in digital audio networking. More products can play together on the network--or can they? AV and IT are working better together--or are they? Is it really possible to confidently specify and install an audio network?

This webcast will provide an update on where Dante™ networking, switches, and endpoints stand today, what can (and cannot) be done now, and what is still in the future.

The webcast will include an overview presentation on realities/misunderstandings around Dante networks, as well as a close look at Dante-based audio networks that have been installed in the real world. We'll look at the switches and endpoints that were used and why, and how the networks were designed, integrated, commissioned and troubleshot.

Finally we'll look at the options for configuring and commissioning systems through software.

You will learn:

-What you can (and cannot) expect from a digital audio network
-Why networks are right in some applications and not in others
-What to look for when evaluating switches for audio networking
-What to look for when evaluating endpoints for audio networking
-Common gotchas about interoperability and how to spot/avoid them
-Issues of Skype, MS Lync interoperability
-How to easily use software, Dante Virtual Soundcard and Dante Controller to configure and commission systems



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