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Training Track: VoIP for AV Integrators and Intro to Biamp Training

Join SVC Editor Cynthia Wisehart and Biamp’s Customer Training Supervisor Michael Leoncini for this free one-hour VoIP training experience.

Attendees will complete Part 1 of Biamp VoIP certification training during the webcast and will receive credits that can be applied to continued training.

You will also come away knowing how to connect a VoIP conference system. In this webcast, a veteran AV systems integrator simplifies the terms, concepts, and techniques of VoIP from an AV standpoint so you can add this capability to your skill set.

You will learn:

  • VoIP networks overview
  • Call setup protocols (SIP, H.323)
  • Basics of SIP
  • Registration of end points; call flow review
  • Call setup and tear down; call flow review
  • CODEC properties
  • Basic network Transfers (RTP, RTCP)
  • Troubleshooting


Cynthia Wisehart
Content Director
Sound & Video Contractor
Michael Leoncini
Customer Training Supervisor
Has worked in the AV industry, on and off – mostly on – for the past 17 years. In the journey from pulling cable through outdoor trenches (exclusively in the rain) for in-the-field video recordings to managing and maintaining “smart” classrooms in a university setting, he found a happy place working with end users to help them understand their AV needs and ultimately how to run their newly installed AV systems. Now the Customer Training Supervisor at Biamp, he gets to help people understand AV products every day through Biamp’s online and in person trainings.

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