Webinar: Anatomy of a Network: Crash Course on the Basics of AV over Ethernet

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What is the OSI Model? What do Layer 2 and Layer 3 mean to AV Networking? What is the IEEE 802.1 and why does it matter to AVB? What's the difference between Dante and AVB and how are they related?

This course cuts through the swirl of network jargon to provide a straightforward picture of how digital audio and IT networking came together. It puts networking language in a context that AV pros can relate to.

What you will learn:

-A brief, logical history of digital audio networking from PCM to AVB

-Clarification of IT standards as they apply to AV

-What the OSI Model Layers are and why they matter

-How to translate your CobraNet knowledge to modern networking protocols

-Why configurable switches matter and how to learn about them

-The differences between proprietary and open standards/protocols

Featured Speaker:

Dave Theis--Principal at Theis Consulting

A adjunct faculty member to InfoComm, he has presented seminars for more than 10 years on a variety of design topics including AVB sessions at InfoComm. Theis has more than 20 years of experience in large scale AV system design and deployment in entertainment and corporate environments. He holds a BS from Purdue University.



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