Webinar: Crash Course: VoIP for AV Integrators - Sound & Video Contractor

Webinar: Crash Course: VoIP for AV Integrators

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Webinar: Crash Course: VoIP for AV Integrators

Aug 21, 2014 2:53 PM

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Tuesday, Sept. 30, 2014, 2:00 PM EDT


The ability to connect a VoIP conference system is an invaluable skill to have as an AV integrator. In this webcast, a veteran AV systems integrator simplifies the terms, concepts, and techniques of VoIP from an AV standpoint so you can add this capability to your skill set.

You will learn:

· VoIP networks overview

· The network: Devices and their functions

· Call setup protocols (SIP, H.323)

o Basics of SIP

o Registration of end points; call flow review

o Call setup and tear down; call flow review

· CODEC properties

· Basic network Transfers (RTP, RTCP)

· Troubleshooting


Speaker: Zach Snook
Zach's interest in systems design started, like for many others, with playing in a local band. After he realized that would not "pay the bills," he received a bachelor's degree with a double concentration in systems contracting and live sound reinforcement. Snook spent eight years working for an audio/video integrator, designing and commissioning systems for everything from small churches to large venue theaters, nightclubs to boardrooms. He joined the Biamp Applications Engineering Staff in April of 2008 and has taught classes in many systems-related subjects, most recently on VoIP at InfoComm14.