AV Stumpfl Uncompressed 8k and Show Control Solutions

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AV Stumpfl Uncompressed 8k and Show Control Solutions

AV Stumpfl exhibited the Wings Engine Raw 8K uncompressed media server for the first time at IAAPA Attractions Expo 2016. The Wings Engine Raw 8K is the only media server of its type to offer uncompressed image quality of up to four simultaneous streams of 4K resolution for playback of native content. This server can also handle 120fps, ideal for fast paced themed entertainment, dark rides, large-scale theatres or even immersive dome theatres and projects requiring stereoscopic 3D imaging. 12-Bit Color Space: The Wings Engine Raw 8K media servers are capable of displaying visuals using a full 12-bit color space, delivering more color information than the current media server standard. Additional show control options make the world of AV Stumpfl media server products perfect for creating integrated and hassle free workflows. New Workflow For Managing Uncompressed Content: Working with uncompressed image sequences can sometimes be time consuming due to the exceptionally large file size. In order to make it easier to transfer such files at short notice, AV Stumpfl’s Wings Vioso RX software has integrated a new workflow model. Working with massive file sizes has never been easier. All Wings Engine Raw media servers now come with Dual 10 GBit network cards. In addition to this, AV Stumpfl also offers certified NAS (network attached storage) systems as well as certified 10 GBit switches for flawless operation. The Wings Vioso RX software now features a dedicated data management and transfer system that does not require all data to be physically copied onto a “Master” server. Instead, data can be copied to the NAS and assigned as so called “Proxy Objects” in the timelines. All “Slave” servers can now get their content directly from the NAS systems. Software Update: Real-time Pixel Mapping Engine: A powerful realtime pixel mapping engine has just been added to the Wings Vioso RX software platform (available for all Wings Engine media servers). The mapping matrix can be imported from CSV tables for real-time editing. Software update: XML Import Interface for 3rd Party CMS: Wings Vioso RX now features a built in XML interface which can be used to import data from third parties. Timelines can be generated automatically from third party data this way, to create a smooth workflow for integrating existing CMS data into new installation/digital signage setups.



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