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Webcast ‘A Unified Environment – AV/IT Benefits of Cloud Hosted Technologies’

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AV Technology hosts “A Unified Environment – AV/IT Benefits of Cloud Hosted Technologies” webcast, an hour of enlightening and engaging conversation.

The pandemic exacerbated the demand for business continuity plans to include full operation in the cloud. “As I have been interviewing AV/IT managers and directors throughout the pandemic, I have been hearing that the topics on top of mind are, revamped ideas of unified communications, how to ensure interoperability in the age of hybrid, and the new role of room scheduling, people counting and device usage,” said webcast moderator, Cindy Davis. “I’m excited to bring together this panel of experts to discuss these issues and more.” We look at how and what AV/IT technology solutions are available and which can be migrated to work in the cloud. Interoperability and standards are now more in the spotlight.

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This panel discusses the important topics facing AV/IT managers and directors, the C-suite, technology consultants and integrators.

Topics include: AV over IP, managing audio and video appliances and devices in the cloud, ensuring intelligible audio near and far, Video conferencing platforms, collaboration and presentation systems that shine in the cloud, the role of AI in audio, video, displays, and room control, touch-less technologies

Join webcast moderator Cindy Davis, and panelists, Chris Mertens, vice president of US Sales of Displays at Samsung, Dr. Holger Stoltze, senior director of Technical Sales and Marketing at Yamaha UC, Randy Tritz, partner of Shen Milsom & Wilke and the managing principal of SM&W Chicago, and Hal Truax, VP of Sales and Marketing at Hall Technologies


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