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The JBL VTX A12 line array loudspeaker is a complete tour sound solution for mid- to large-size touring applications and high-end fixed installations. Next-generation JBL transducer technology and a...


Sennheiser AMBEO VR

The Sennheiser AMBEO VR Mic makes capturing real spatial sound as simple as any stereo recording. You don’t need to set up several microphones, saving you time, money, and...


Meyer Sound LINA

Meyer Sound’s LINA very compact linear line array loudspeaker marks the entry of Meyer Sound’s LEO Family of line arrays into a much broader market. With its diminutive dimensions...



With just 0.9mm of inactive border around the edges, the NEC UN551S delivers a more consistent and seamless video wall. The 55in. displays feature professional-grade, S-IPS anti-glare panel technology...


Epson Pro L1405U

The Epson Pro L1405U large-venue laser projector, combined with the ELPLX01 ultra short-throw lens, offers a laser light source and 3LCD technology for powerful, uncompromising, ultra-short-throw projections with up...


Holosonics Audio Spotlight AS-24i

The Holosonics Audio Spotlight AS-24i offers the strongest output and deepest low frequency response of all models. It is designed to compete with noisier environments or areas requiring more...


Userful Software Solution

Userful’s software solution offers a new multi window feature is the latest in a series of features that make Userful a cost effective and flexible solution. Userful drives down...


Screen Innovations Black Diamond XL

Screen Innovations’ Black Diamond XL, the optically-based screen that rejects ambient light from all directions, achieves its unique ALR properties by utilizing microscopic stacked optical layers. Historically, Black Diamond...



NEC’s PA803U is an 8000-lumen widescreen advanced professional installation projector ideal for higher education and corporate users. With its multitude of digital inputs, connection to any computer or high...


Genelec 7380

Delivering both high SPL and an extended low-distortion LF response in an impressively compact enclosure, the Genelec 7380 Smart Active Subwoofer can be simply and seamlessly integrated into any...

Video Display

Sony Canvas

Sony’s Canvas display system is re-defining the landscape for large-scale visual entertainment. The system features 99% black surface area for high contrast, high resolution, and immersive visuals. The technology,...


Astro Spatial Audio SARA

The Astro Spatial Audio SARA audio rendering engine is an immersive 3D audio tool for live and entertainment venues. Using state-of-the-art advancements in 3D audio and acoustic technology, the...



LG’s 55VH7B series features a nearly borderless design, with a bezel only 0.9mm thin, and can connect seamlessly with other displays to create a powerful and impactful image for...

Signal distribution / Control


For large installations or for IT customers wishing to deploy audio, video, and control solutions as a building-wide service throughout the enterprise, QSC has partnered with Dell to bring...


Severtson Screens SAT-4K

The next generation of the Severtson Screens SAT-4K Acoustically-Transparent cinema projection screen line features an even finer weave and whiter material that makes the viewing image even better than...


BrightSign LS423

BrightSign’s LS423 is a fully featured, commercial-grade player offering a superior alternative to consumer devices often chosen for price-sensitive digital signage installations. Based on the award-winning BrightSign HD platform,...


Canon REALiS 4K600Z

The Canon REALiS 4K600Z pro AV LCOS laser projector incorporates the new standard throw ratio of 1.3-2.4:1. Suitable for a wide range of markets and applications including government, museums,...



Yamaha’s AVENTAGE series network AV receivers offer the latest video capabilities and expanded support for popular music streaming services including TIDAL and Deezer and the latest MusicCast support. The...

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