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Alabama practice adopts Carousel Cloud for an engaging approach to patient education, consultation, and sales conversion

MINNEAPOLIS, September 22, 2021 – Carousel Digital Signage continues to win customers new to digital signage through its ease of use, streamlined cloud platform and impressive feature set. SIA Dermatology, one of Alabama’s leading skin cancer treatment and cosmetic services centers, is Carousel’s latest healthcare customer to embrace the sales and marketing power of digital signage.

As SIA Dermatology caters to a wide demographic across several states, Marketing Director Amy Alexander was seeking ways to move beyond traditional communications strategies that the practice found limiting or ineffective.

“I wanted to bring a Fortune 500 approach to the practice,” said Alexander. “Digital signage quickly became part of this business strategy, and I came across a webinar from Carousel Digital Signage that demonstrated how their software interoperates with Apple TV for media playout. Having not used digital signage before, I liked the idea of integrating this as a single-app platform that could operate like a plug-and-play system, and help me easily create custom content. They say content is king, and distribution is queen. Carousel Cloud is the wheel that keeps everything running between the two.”

Alexander evaluated five digital signage solutions from companies of all sizes, including one household name. Carousel Cloud won in large part due to ease of use. Alexander creates all the content for displays in the lobby and consultation room, both of which feature very different content and are updated daily. Therefore she needed something that was quick to learn and quick to update, with the goal of keeping content fresh, engaging and educational.

“I have worked with a number of CMS platforms, and none are as seamless as what Carousel Cloud offers,” said Alexander. “I think about what our goals are for the practice that day, and create graphics and add video clips that range from 30 seconds to two minutes long. I cantailor very different content for each space, and Carousel Cloud helps me organize it into a playlist.”

Content includes general ads and promos on treatment options in the lobby, and slideshows in the consultation room that are more specifically geared to patient needs. One patient may see a slideshow on surgical procedures, while another may learn about cosmetic services that help a patient achieve a certain dermatological goal. Often, digital signage helps them cross-promote services to meet a specific marketing objective.

“The content rotates all day, and that helps us with conversion rates when it comes to selling products and treatments as well as educating patients,” said Alexander. “It’s important to keep the content fresh throughout the business day. It’s not all business either. We make it fun for patients, such as reminding them to wear sunscreen as the weekend approaches, and adding in widgets with the time, weather and word of the day.”

Alexander adds that Carousel Cloud gives her the option to upload content from anywhere, which she says is important since her job is mobile by nature. “I don’t have to be tied to my desktop,” she said. “It’s all web-based, and I can upload content from anywhere.”

SIA Dermatology has had consistent positive feedback from patients, and staff have quickly warmed up to the platform and its benefits. “Nobody is using digital signage in dermatology like we are here, to my knowledge,” said Alexander. “We produce engaging content in-house and make it exciting for our patients. Carousel is a gamechanger for SIA, and I believe it won’t be long before other practices come on board.”

About Carousel Digital Signage

Carousel is Digital Signage Content Management Software that is easy to use, scalable, and reliable. With a deep feature set and strong technology partnerships Carousel gives you the most value in digital signage. Carousel Digital Signage is a division of Tightrope Media Systems. You can reach the Carousel team at (866) 866-4118, or visit


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