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Sommer Cable Introduces SC-Aqua Marinex Outdoor Cable

Sommer Cable has introduced its new rugged outdoor SC-Aqua Marinex cable for broadband cable TV, digital SAT equipment and professional HDTV installations.


Integration electricians are continually plagued by problems with conventional outdoor cables that are poorly protected from moisture, rodents, and caustic bird droppings. Conventional PVC cables are used in 95% of all home installations and often result in faulty transmission. The common white jacket PVC cables are not UV-resistant and moisture easily seeps into the damaged cable interior.

Rodent populations are increasing worldwide, causing more and more damage to conventional cable installations. Sommer’s new SC-Aqua Marinex Astral LLX 1.3/5.0 cable is impervious to most cable damage by pests and the resulting water damage. To achieve long-lasting outdoor cable protection, Sommer Cable uses the dark Aqua Marinex PUR jacket instead of typical cable that attracts rodents. The tough surface of the outer jacket makes it extremely difficult for animals to gnaw, puncture or tear. In addition, the cable is reinforced by aramid braid that also serves as an additional strain relief. The outer jacket is ideal for permanent outdoor installations and offers lifelong UV resistance.

Apart from the weather-resistant and rodent-proof properties, Sommer’s new cable excels in superb damping values with optimum HDTV transmission quality due to its shielding. The additionally integrated protective banding enables a permanent underwater installation. Sommer’s Aqua Marinex cable is not only suitable for outdoor applications or in tunnel or surveillance engineering, but also for installations in the shipbuilding industry where fire prevention regulations are extremely rigid.

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Sommer Cable Germany is an enterprising development and manufacturing company of innovative and unique cable, connector and electronic products for the Studio, A/V Installation, Live Sound, Broadcast, Video, Music, IT and HiFi markets, with business partners in over 50 countries. In 2015, Sommer Cable America, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Sommer Cable Germany, was established in Santa Rosa, CA. Jed Larson is COO of the new company, which supplies the North American markets with Sommer’s wide range of innovative and high quality products. 707.200.4020


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