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Installed 1 SOUND System Rocks with Global DJs at HQ2 Beach Club, Atlantic City

A new system incorporating the recently introduced Contour three-way point-source enclosures and SUB2112 subwoofers supports performances by global DJs at 45,000-square-foot venue.

HQ2 Beach Club at Ocean Casino Resort features sought-after global DJs, performers and celebrity appearances. Situated at the famed Atlantic City Boardwalk, the 45,000-square-foot, HQ2 Beach Club venue features 6 bungalows with private pools, 12 day beds, and more than 30 VIP sections on the lower and upper decks. The club reopened for the season with a new audio system that exclusively incorporated 1 SOUND loudspeakers. The multi platinum electronic music DJ trio, Cheat Codes opened up the season on this system. Other artists include DJs like Tiesto and Steve Aoki. All 1 SOUND speakers are IP55 rated and salt water resistant. The loudspeakers and accessories are made to withstand harsh weather conditions, which was critical for this installation as it is next to the ocean and has high winds.

This install was the debut of 1 SOUND’s new Contour loudspeaker, a 3-way, horn-loaded point source that has the capacity to deliver a max SPL of 145 in a compact 13.6” wide 20” tall box. As well as the debut of the SUB2112, a bi-amped 4000 watts + 3600 watts (continuous) subwoofer, utilizing a 21” low frequency driver and (2) 12” drivers so it produces a solid 25 Hz with a fast-responding upper bass.

Tiesto with Contour CT28 and SUB2112 as DJ monitors on either side

“A while back I told Lou [Mannarino, Designer & Founder of 1 SOUND] that my favorite loudspeaker would be a horn-load based around an 8 inch driver, fast forward and now he came up with a completely new take on utilizing that 8” driver. This speaker is insane, a monstrous amount of SPL, 1 SOUND’s signature clarity with no distortion, and in such a small box! I see myself choosing this speaker time and time again.” – Angelo Poulos (CEO, Anthem Productions)

The Contour CT28’s and SUB310’s were rigged at the DJ booth along with (8) SUB2112’s on the floor. The installer, Angelo Poulos from Anthem Productions, told the client that 1 SOUND speakers can match the color blue that they were using for the furniture of the club. The client was excited for this and decided with the installer to do all blue grilles for all the loudspeakers at the DJ booth. For the installed DJ monitors are one CT28 and SUB2112 per side, where the DJs’ enjoy taking off the magnetic grille on the CT28 to see the tough horn look. The clarity of the Contour CT28 has the DJs telling the club, “How do I get those blue speakers, I want those!”

Tower LCC84’s and CSUB610’s surround the pool for distributed audio.

For this installation, the club wanted a more evenly distributed audio design compared to their years prior. They had heard about 1 SOUND’s previous installs at other famed pool clubs and liked the idea of more even coverage throughout the whole space so their guests can feel immersed even if they are at the back bar. They also found the value in an audio design with attention to less slap back from the glass building behind it, and trusted the qualities of 1 SOUND’s speakers to help that. Surrounding the pool are mainly Tower LCC84’s and CSUB610’s. The Tower series has a wide 120 degree dispersion pattern with cardioid cancellation in the rear that knocks the SPL down nearly 20 dB behind the speaker. CSUB610’s were placed in between the seating areas, they are only 11 inches wide and have a similar quality to a double 18 sub. At the back bar were CT28’s mounted with wall brackets with SUB2112’s distributed. For the spaces near all the VIP cabanas are Cannon C5’s and C6’s and SUB310’s. The upper level bar has Cannon C6’s hanging as pendants.

For more information about 1 SOUND, please visit or email [email protected]
Installation by: Anthem Productions,

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