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21st Century Distributing Announces 2017 Annual Award Winners

For the first time in the company’s history, leading distributor and member of the PowerHouse Alliance selects Branch of the Year and Vendor of the Year Award Winners.

For the first time in the company’s history, leading distributor and member of the PowerHouse Alliance selects Branch of the Year and Vendor of the Year Award Winners.

Garner, NC – March 7, 2017

– 21st Century Distributing, the premier consumer electronics distributor serving the Southeast, announced today the first annual award winners for Branch of the Year presented to its Charlotte, North Carolina branch, and Vanco International as Vendor of the Year.

“After nearly 40 years in business, we are excited to start a new tradition at 21st Century, honoring those who deserve to be recognized annually with two awards,” said Don Vicini, CEO and owner for 21st Century Distributing. “Both Vanco and our Charlotte, North Carolina branch were major contributors to 21st Century Distributing’s success over the past year and they deserve special recognition for their outstanding teamwork, responsiveness, customer service, priority to drive sales and most importantly, for catering to our dealers and their individual needs.”

21st Century is proud to highlight it’s Charlotte, North Carolina branch for the first annual Branch of the Year award. “This award is not meant to recognize which branch had the highest sales, but it is worth noting that our Charlotte brand was the most profitable in 2016,” said Vanessa Zitzmann, head of marketing and sales for 21st Century Distributing. “Our Charlotte team is a tight-knit group and like a well-oiled machine, works incredibly well. They offer strong leadership, take ownership and are immensely respected by their dealers. What else could we ask for from our employees?”

Special mention is owed to Charlotte’s former branch manager John Price, current branch manager Gary Ross, inventory and inside sales manager, Jordan Shugart and warehouse employee, Johnny Jackson. “Through consistent messaging and increased levels of customer service we were able to generate quite a bit of customer advocacy and build upon that,” said John Price, Sales Administrator for 21st Century Distributing.

A primary developer and manufacturer of HDMI switches, splitters, scalers, extenders, volume controls and cables, Vanco International offers accessory products that advance connectivity designed with AV integrators in mind. 21st Century Distributing has been selling Vanco products for many years, but chose them as the 2017 award winner because they offer a phenomenal product at a reasonable price with good margins, and also support their dealers and the 21st Century Distributing team across all locations.

“Vanco is the ideal vendor to work with,” said Zitzmann. “They aren’t a big company, so it’s amazing what they are capable of with minimal resources. Their internal team and representatives are responsive and friendly, and are happy to work directly with dealers to offer on-call technical support. They will even put together special product bundles to suit dealers’ requirements and special projects. Vanco is a genuine partner to our company.”

“On behalf of Vanco, I am honored to accept the award from 21st Century,” said Mark Corbin, Director of Distribution Markets. “They have become an excellent distributor for us and show incredible support for our product and our employees. Thanks to 21st Century for this award. It means a lot to our Vanco team!”

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About 21st Century Distributing

21st Century Distributing can trace its roots back to the early 1980’s as a satellite distributor, and became a leader in the Audio/Video Electronics industry within a decade. Headquartered in Garner, N.C, with warehouses in Charlotte, NC, Atlanta, GA, Nashville, TN, and Orlando, FL, 21st Century provides top quality service and products to qualified retailers in the southeast region of the United States. 21st Century Distributing is a trusted resource for today’s consumer electronics specialists with a solid reputation for quality equipment, reasonable prices, and great customer service.

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