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6 Things to Look for in a Power Protection and Smart Energy Management System at CEDIA 2015

It’s important to look for a solution that offers the best combination of surge protection and energy management intelligence.

Even as network technology advances at a more rapid pace every year, the electrical grid we depend on to power it remains relatively unchanged. Combine that with more severe weather, greater strain on power grids from new development, and increased threats from additional electrical and communication pipelines coming into our homes, and the need for power protection is more important than ever.

You’ll likely come across a few different options for energy management and power protection at CEDIA 2015, but it’s important to look for a solution that offers the best combination of surge protection and energy intelligence. Your home theater, networking and smart home installations deserve the best protection possible, which means a few essential features, including:

  1. Surge EliminationAdvanced Series Mode surge protection completely eliminates surge energy up to 6,000 volts without producing harmful side effects such as ground contamination or common-mode disturbances. This safeguards connected equipment and prolongs lifespan.
  2. Current Draw Per Outlet – The ability to see whether a device is functioning properly based on its current draw, on each individual outlet
  3. Thermal Monitoring/management – Access to temperature readings and the ability to set triggers, like turning on a rack fan at 75 degrees and leaving the fan off if the temperature is 74 or below
  4. Advanced Customization – Set over/under voltage thresholds for when to turn a system on or off and the turn-on points once voltage has stabilized
  5. Contact Closures – Inputs and Outputs that allow devices to be daisy-chained or to trigger macro commands across a group of networked power systems or home automation devices
  6. Standardization – Create templates for each connected power management system you install to make future integrations a simple, repeatable process and to make changes to any or all Axess Elite products simultaneously

Interested in learning more about smart energy management and power protection? Don’t be fooled by brands claiming non-sacrificial technology, ESP/SurgeX will have the only true surge elimination technology at CEDIA 2015 in Booth #1714. It will also mark the return of our surge creating monster Bertha, so come see us blow up some MOVs on the show floor and learn how we can help your business grow.

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