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7thSense Announces Three New Major Product Releases

Delta Media Server® 2.7, Medialon Manager V7 Pro and Juggler® Expanded Capabilities including Output Canvas Bussing Launched Ahead of InfoComm 2022

7thSense Announces Three New Major Product Releases

7thSense, specialists in the fields of pixel generation, processing, management and show control, have released three new major product updates ahead of InfoComm 2022, Las Vegas (8-10 June). 7thSense’s Delta Media Server, Juggler pixel processor and Medialon Manager Pro product lines each have new releases, with extensive functionality added to meet the needs of the global 7thSense user base.


Delta Media Server Version 2.7

7thSense have introduced new features to the popular Delta Media Server to help solve complex media playback, composition, and transport challenges faced by high-end display systems. Whether adapting 7thSense server hardware and software to accommodate SMPTE ST 2110 network streaming up to 4K at 60 frames per second (FPS) 12-bit 4:4:4, or making images look their best by supporting various scaling algorithms and HDR tone map operators.

Jack Dowd, Delta Media Server Product Manager explains, “Delta Media Server 2.7 really extends the capabilities of our popular uncompressed media server, bringing new video transport options, improved colour handling, flexible handling of HDR media, and a selection of scaling algorithms to make images look as good as possible on a variety of display types.

“We have been working with partners, nVidia® and Phabrix, to develop and test true 4K 12-bit 4:4:4 at 60 FPS, being one of the first companies to implement and prove this technology.

“Our technologies have been capable of high-bit depth playback for many years and we’ve now also added support for Alpha when running high-bit depth media files by implementing support of DPX RGB+A. This is an example of just one project-led improvement coming with version 2.7. each improvement included in the release is directly tied to a real market need or project requirement. Full-circle feedback from customers into product development is a core value of 7thSense.”

The flagship 7thSense media server, Infinity, has also recently been upgraded to the latest PCIe 4.0 technology. The media server platform is now more configurable and has larger and faster storage capacity, giving it increased performance. 


Medialon Manager Pro V7 Control Software

7thSense have streamlined show control programming and added new features to the new Medialon Manager V7 show control software release, marking the largest feature release of the software in 10 years. 

End users still benefit from the flexibility, reliable operation and advanced IT-friendly deployment options. Programmers benefit from streamlined project programming, eliminating the need to create tasks to perform status updates on User Interfaces. The result is more concise programming that is faster to create, and easier to follow and maintain.

Robert Chong, Medialon Product Specialist notes, “The feature improvements in Medialon Manager V7 are centred around making the show control programmer’s work more efficient, reducing programming times, and making it easier to follow the programming done by others.” 

A new feature addition that expands the richness of user interfaces is the inclusion of external web content within a container in custom-designed WebPanels. This allows content such as video streams from cameras or built-in web interfaces from devices such as projectors to be displayed inside the WebPanel user interface so both the direct device controls, as well as the show control system’s controls, are available on the same screen. 


Juggler® Pixel Processing – Expanded Functionality

The 7thSense Juggler® pixel processor manages large canvas, multiscreen, and blended display systems. Typically, these applications require a high level of flexibility and extremely low processing latency.  

Supporting the need for processing very large media canvasses with dozens of sources, Juggler’s newly expanded suite of capabilities including Output Canvas Bussing make it possible to combine the power of multiple Jugglers to achieve common-canvas processing of up to 32 x UHD outputs with up to 32 x inputs, all at 60 FPS 10-bit 4:4:4, achieving a higher resolution and higher bit-depth than any other pixel processor on the market.

Also new to Juggler is the ability to output DisplayPort MST content. This allows Juggler to take in a source that is a full 4K raster and split it up into smaller segments to support a variety of displays that require MST inputs for higher resolution sources.

Juggler is also able to respond to the 7thSense IntelligentSource telemetry. IntelligentSource data contains telemetry info about the video stream and the upstream render engine. The user can define thresholds for frame rate, render rate, GPU health, frame drop, and more. If any of these thresholds are crossed, the system can automatically trigger user defined actions, such as switching to a backup source.

Erik Iversen, Senior Product Manager at 7thSense adds, “Juggler is purpose-built for pixel processing – utilising hardware-based processing and bespoke software that provides users with a single tool to solve a variety of challenges. By loading different software packages, Juggler can now support Windowing, signal conversion, S3D, large canvases, and even Warp and Blend using MPCDI files created by most auto alignment systems.”



For more information on all 7thSense products, and more detail on each of the new releases, please visit

Meet with 7thSense this InfoComm 2022, Las Vegas between 8-10 June. To arrange a meeting, please email [email protected]


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