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Acoustic Geometry Keeps Sound in Check at The Church Recording Studio

Company's acoustic products provide sound control throughout facility

PITTSBURGH, NOVEMBER 29, 2017The Church Recording Studio, located in a former Presbyterian Church, hosts regional and national recording artists, is home to various programs, and provides audio support for the local radio station (WYEP 91.3). Owner and Chief Engineer Dana Cannone hasbeen operating out of this 7,300-square-foot studio since 2005, and he recently partnered with Treelady Media in 2016 as the full-time dedicated engineer so he could add mastering to his list of studio services. With sound quality as his top priority, Cannone consulted with Acoustic Geometry’s John Calder to specify acoustical products to provide accurate sound reproduction in the two control rooms and dedicated mastering suite.

“When I was introduced to Acoustic Geometry by my partner at Treelady Media, Garrett Haines, I knew I needed to bring in the experts to help me properly outfit my studio with acoustical products,” says Cannone. “We are located near a significant roadway and a motorcycle shop, which gave me a challenge with incoming noise. We are also surrounded by a residential neighborhood and need to be conscious of sound leaving our space. Upon discussing my needs, John was able to solve both my problems with products from Acoustic Geometry.”

Currently, The Church Recording Studio uses Acoustic Geometry products for both soundproofing and better room sound. In Live Room A, Cannone installed eight AcrylAcoustic Window Treatments over the existing stained-glass windows, allowing light through while greatly reducing sound leakage. Control Room A is outfitted with 10 Curve Diffusors in multiple sizes. Between the two rooms is an Acoustic Geometry Door Seal Kit. The Treelady Mastering suite also has 10 Curve Diffusors, as well as a pair of CornerSorbers two fabric-wrapped absorber panels, and a Door Seal Kit. In Control Room A, two custom-size (7-foot) Curves are hung on each side wall; one is placed horizontally just above ear height, and one is oriented vertically in line with Cannone’s Audient ASP 8024 console. Two Large Curve Diffusors are located on the back wall and are flanked by a Medium Diffusor on each side. There are also two Small Curve Diffusors in front of the console behind each monitor.

“At first, I was trying to dampen the ambiance in the space, which was not providing the outcome that I needed,” continues Cannone. “Once the Acoustic Geometry products were installed, I noticed an immediate difference. The first house concert since the install had a measurement of 72dB in front of the building – well within the city noise ordinance. The performance took place in Live Room A, which is 1800-square-feet and boasts a 27-foot vaulted ceiling. The Acoustic Geometry AcrylAcoustic Window Treatments have solved my problem with noise leaving our space into the surrounding residential streets. Also, the Control Room Curve Diffusors have significantly reduced the need to make adjustments to compensate for different speakers. I have started to trust my mix more and spend far less time referencing mixes elsewhere. My sound is not being absorbed by the treatment in the room since the installation of the Curve Diffusors. It’s great!”

Cannone also notes that noise entering the space is also no longer a problem. “The AcrylAcoustic products have significantly decreased any ambient noise that would travel into our space from the congested highway or motorcycle shop that previously interrupted our recordings. I am extremely happy that we no longer have this issue.”

In addition to the Audient console, The Church Recording Studio features an array of quality audio gear including preamps, compressors, monitors as well as a full selection of microphones and instruments. The new mastering suite is also outfitted with a wide range of analog outboard gear.

With sound control being his top priority, Cannone is happy with his choice to consult the experts at Acoustic Geometry. “We love the folks at Acoustic Geometry. They are very straightforward and easy to deal with. The fact that John took time out of his schedule to meet with us gave us a good measure of confidence in dealing with Acoustic Geometry.”

About Acoustic Geometry

Acoustic Geometry offers innovative, highly-effective, and affordable acoustic and sound-control products for a wide range of professional audio, residential, and business applications. Acoustic Geometry’s best-in-class products will improve the sound of recording studios, video and broadcast facilities, home theaters, music rooms, family rooms, offices, conference rooms, performance venues, houses of worship, and educational facilities. To simplify the creation of natural-sounding acoustic spaces, please visit Videos are available on the Acoustic Geometry YouTube Channel (

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