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Acoustics First® Office Space to Voice-Over Suite

Acoustical Panels in a Voice-Over Studio
This office space was converted into a voice-over production suite for Moe Rock. Installed are 2”²x4”²

acoustical wall panels

and a 2”²x4”²

acoustical ceiling cloud

over the listening position. A corner bass trap was created using corner impaling clips with one of the standard Sonora Panels. Photo courtesy of Moe Rock:

With a wide range of available recording equipment, from computers to hand held devices, recording audio is easier than ever! With some simple gear and a good microphone, a quality recording is just moments away. However, before you begin, take a few moments and consider

Acoustics First

! If proper acoustical material is not in place, you may be recording unwanted room modes or excessive reverberation. Our brains, in combination with our eyes and ears, can compensate in less than ideal conditions, whereas microphones cannot.

Acoustics First Corporation

supplies acoustical panels and soundproofing materials to control sound and eliminate noise in commercial, residential, government, institutional applications worldwide. Products include the patented Art DiffusorA®, sound absorbers, noise barriers, acoustical fabrics and accessories. Acoustics FirstA® products are sold for O.E.M applications, direct, and through dealers. For more information on acoustical materials and their application, please visit

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