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Acoustics First reveals the PhaseFOAM™ Acoustical System

Acoustics First PhaseFOAMâ„¢ for critical listening environments
If you want a kit to tell you how to design the acoustics in your space,



The principals of

Acoustics First

A® have been in the acoustics arena since the seventies when they introduced industrial foam as an acoustic solution for recording studios. Back then, there were neither acoustics companies nor any off the shelf acoustic materials. Everything had to be built by hand. Since then, many choices have appeared – Pre-manufactured acoustical panels, thermoformed diffusers, and many single solution room kits. While kits are convenient and give reasonable results, they can’t possibly be an exact match for your room. Just as no two snowflakes are alike; no two rooms sonically the identical. When it comes to room acoustics, there is no ‘one size fits all’. All rooms are different, so we have created the

PhaseFOAMâ„¢ acoustical system

to allow you, the designer, to tune your room the way you want it to sound.

Acoustics FirstA® introduces the first acoustical system that does not require you to have specific room dimensions. This acoustical system is based on two seemingly simple, but versatile, boxes of acoustical foam. You can use these basic building blocks to create an acoustical environment to suit your needs.

PhaseFOAMâ„¢ Box A

contains absorptive acoustical foam tiles and

PhaseFOAMâ„¢ Box B

contains modular bass traps.

If you have the knowledge, ability and confidence to design your own sound,


We trust you to be the best judge of your acoustics!

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