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Acoustics First’s Paintable Design Friendly Acoustic Panel

For Immediate Release

Acoustics First Unveils Tone Tilesâ„¢. (Paintable, Design Friendly Acoustical Panel System)

As a follow up to the recent

PhaseFOAMâ„¢ system

, the Acoustics First design team has invented a new wall panel system named Tone Tilesâ„¢,

. Tone Tileâ„¢ acoustical panels are now ready to be shipped and deployed into any application requiring sound control. This new acoustical system offers acoustical absorption with limitless design potential and installation possibilities.

The white soft drywall texture appearance of the tile allows you to install them right out of the box or paint with a matte finish spray paint to complement colors on site. These sound absorbing panels are covered with a paintable / printable finish, allowing you to match any design scheme.

The unique 2’x1’ size of the panel allows one the freedom to create diverse wall tile patterns and mount around existing room obstructions. Optional 2” Stand-Off Mounting Brackets further acoustical control by creating an air gap, increasing absorption and improving low frequency response. The 2″ space behind the panels also presents an opportunity for back lighting effects. Employing optional Corner Mounting Clips permits the installer to construct one foot wide or two foot wide custom bass traps in room corners.

10 ea. 2′ x 1′ Tone Tileâ„¢ panels in each box for $350.00 USD.

Optional Mounting Clips:

Acoustics First 2″ Stand off Clips, Box of 20 Clips AF2SC20 $ 80.00

Acoustics First Corner Clips, Box of 8 pair (8 Left & 8 Right) AFCC8 $ 48.00

-Spray Paint Panels to Complement Color Schemes

-Locally Print Images on Panel Face

-Design Unique Wall Patterns

-Apply Stencil Designs

-Increase Absorption Using 2″ Stand off Clips

-Easily Construct Custom Bass Traps

Ryan Larkin

Sales & Marketing

Acoustics First Corporation

PH: (804) 342-2900

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