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Actus Digital to Continue Supporting Volicon Monitoring Systems After SnapStream Support Extension Expired

Actus Digital’s Support Includes Engineering Experts and Executives from Volicon, Assuring a Smooth Transition

BOSTON, Mass. — July 28, 2020 — Actus Digital, the leading provider of compliance and media monitoring solutions, today announced that it will continue supporting Volicon Observer monitoring systems to ensure that broadcasters’ content complies with regulatory requirements.

“Many broadcasters were taken by surprise when the Volicon Observer monitoring system was discontinued,” said Gary Learner, executive vice president, business development, Actus Digital. “Initially, Verizon extended support for Volicon systems through SnapStream, but the agreement expired after June 2020, leaving many media companies in a difficult position. Actus Digital will continue supporting Volicon customers, many of whom have shrinking budgets due to COVID-19 and aren’t ready to invest in a next-generation monitoring system.”

Actus Digital offers comprehensive support plans for Volicon’s Observer monitoring system, since Volicon end of life was declared in 2019. The support team at Actus Digital features former engineering experts and chief executives from Volicon, including Learner, who is now the company’s executive vice president of business development and was previously Volicon’s chief technology officer. By providing Volicon users with expertise in media compliance and monitoring, combined with deep knowledge of their existing system, Actus Digital assures business continuity and a seamless transition for customers.

Beyond supporting Volicon’s existing Observer system, Actus Digital offers a multitier transition path to its media monitoring solution. Volicon users with outdated software can easily replace it with Actus Digital’s solution while leveraging their existing hardware and allowing seamless access to Volicon’s recorded content. Actus Digital’s software ensures a smooth evolution and keeps video feeds on air without requiring any servers to be replaced or moved, and without losing access to Volicon’s recorded content. When Volicon customers are ready to transition to a new system, Actus Digital offers a turnkey, plug-and-play compliance and monitoring system with an advanced feature set, going beyond compliance to support advanced capabilities such as clips for social media, AI options such as automatic ad detection and speech to text.

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About Actus Digital (
Actus Digital is the global leading provider of compliance and intelligent media monitoring solutions. Since 2005, over 500 customers worldwide are using Actus systems to comply with their regulation requirements. With 24/7 content recording from variety of inputs, including TS/IP, SMPTE ST 2110, SDI, ASI, HLS, MPEG-DASH, RTMP, and DVB, Actus addresses both linear and OTT broadcasting needs. Features that are a must for compliance, such as closed captions, loudness, SCTE 35/104, NAVE, DVB subtitles, teletext, OPI 47, multiple audio tracks, multiviewer, alerts and TS analysis, are one part of the platform. Other options that are cross-organizational include ratings analysis, advanced clips creation for content repurposing to social media, AI options such as content detection and speech to text, addressing a multitude of media enterprise compliance and monitoring requirements.

Actus Digital has offices in the USA, Europe, and Asia, ensuring 24/7 support to any customer in any time zone.

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