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Acurus Unveils Proprietary Room Correction System, ASPEQT, at CEDIA Expo 2019

ASPEQT is a fresh entry into the auto room correction system market and promises installer-friendly operation

Indianapolis, IN – August 1, 2019 – Acurus is introducing a new, proprietary system for speaker and room acoustic optimization at this year’s CEDIA Expo. The system, called ASPEQT, is designed to offer residential integrators a straightforward and fast method for optimizing an audio system’s response to interactions between speakers and room factors. Available in a handy, easily transportable kit, the ASPEQT system is a self-contained acoustic metrology tool which may be used in conjunction with Acurus immersive processors such as the 20-channel ACT 4 Home Cinema Processor or the 16-channel Muse Media Room Processor. Visitors to the Acurus booth (#1533) can see the ASPEQT system kit contents, demonstrations of its operation, and learn how APSEQT can transform an integrator’s room correction challenges into a simple, quick, and accurate optimization tool.

Indy Audio Labs Co-founder and CTO, Ted Moore, says, “First and foremost we designed ASPEQT with the integrator in mind.  It’s important to Acurus that we create solutions that speed up the install without compromising quality and the audio experience for our customers.  Our immersive processors are well-known for their quick set-up and now with ASPEQT, the job is even more straightforward and efficient.”

“For the first time installers will have a room calibration tool that’s meant for them. What’s more, it’s actually fun to use. Metrology is often a dry science but ASPEQT turns that notion on its head by providing an interface and setup kit that takes the drudgery out of acoustic measurement,” Moore continues, “ASPEQT uses four precision microphones linked to signal acquisition and an analyzer. These in turn integrate seamlessly with our Acurus processors. The measurement process is extraordinarily uncluttered and fast. Analysis is automatic along with adjustments of the processor’s speaker parameters and EQ filters. Post-optimization, the installer can do a quick A/B test to compare before and after scenarios and fine-adjust acoustic factors if desired. ASPEQT is one more example of the commitment Acurus has to its customers to provide world-class audio solutions.”

The American brand Acurus delivers world-renowned audio performance and is a premium brand for home cinema installs and distributed audio applications. The engineering in Acurus immersive processors, pre-amplifiers, amplifiers, and acoustic metrology systems is characterized by high performance, reliability, authenticity of reproduction, modern aesthetics, rock-solid design and construction, and intuitive operation. Having won multiple awards and reviewer accolades through the years, Acurus continues to achieve an ideal intersection of price and performance in modern audio products — representing the pinnacle of contemporary audio.


about Indy Audio Labs:  Headquartered in Indianapolis, IN (USA), Indy Audio Labs, owner of the high-performance A/V brands Aragon and Acurus, is a leader in audio electronics design and manufacturing. IAL manufactures all its components in the USA using custom fabricated parts and assemblies based on its proprietary electronics, mechanical, and software designs.

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