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Adapt Entertainment Announces First-Of-Its-Kind AI Neural-Rendering Film Technology

Creative technology company is the first to seamlessly sync an entire feature-length foreign language film into English


Adapt Entertainment is the first and only company to develop proprietary AI neural-rendering (PLATO) to sync an entire movie’s original performance with a new language, revolutionizing the global entertainment landscape. The company’s goal is to broaden the global reach of content so audiences can experience enhanced storytelling alternatives that maintain the integrity of an original project without the need for dubbing or subtitles.

Adapt’s groundbreaking technology was used to successfully adapt Maciej Barczewski’s The Champion into an English-language film from its original Polish and German. The new Adapt version of the film is set for a U.S. release later this year. Barczewski called this technology a “game changer.”

Watch the technology in action, here.

Adapt was founded by entrepreneur Darryl C. Marks. His idea for an industry-altering technology was turned into reality with the help of his partner, the Emmy-nominated Dr. Mike Seymour, and AI-veteran Dr. Hao Li, founder of Pinscreen, and the man behind the technology for “Animoji” and the blockbuster movie, Furious 7.

“Adapt’s momentous achievement with The Champion comes as the majority of our industry is still grappling with neural-rendering AI,” said Marks. “Our industry is only at the beginning of a new chapter in entertainment technology, and we are working tirelessly to ensure that the intent of creators is preserved in each project.”

PLATO was specifically designed to match the facial and mouth movements of actors who speak other languages, dramatically reducing the per shot cost of large scale dialogue replacement by adapting to the full range of head positions, without requiring special Range of Motion (ROM) footage to be shot on set. PLATO works with shots from multiple complicated angles, as well as inconsistent lighting.

Amid a rise in popularity for international films and television series, Adapt offers a new, seamless way for fans to enjoy content captured in a different language as their own.

“Adapt is changing the way in which international content is presented to audiences around the world,” Marks said about his innovation. “Fans are often critical about poor dubbing in films originally shot in a different language. The PLATO technology creates an authentic experience for viewers, allowing artists to broaden their reach beyond their domestic market.”

The technology is completely streamlined, resulting in a simple, non-intrusive set up for actors. PLATO’s syncing can be partial—one scene, one character, or one language in a multilingual production—or a full adaptation of the entire production into the desired language(s).

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