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Case Study: Academic College Installs More TecPodium Lecterns

All in One, Easy to Use and Fully Integrated Lectern for Classrooms, Computer Labs, Lecture Halls and Auditoriums

The Academic College is a rapidly growing institution of higher education, established some 50 years ago. The independent College, offering greater accessibility to higher education has been a repeating TecPodium customer for the last 15 years.

The College was very pleased with the TecPodium Interactive lectern user-friendly control panel, the impressive AV features, and the fact that it required little to no maintenance.

As part of the College expansion, more buildings were built and the demand for a major new AV classrooms was a top priority. The AV team of the College chose to equip, once again, TecPodium Interactive, Tecom flagship Interactive model, in EVERY CLASSROOM on Campus.

TecPodium Lecterns installed in the Academic College Classrooms

Over the Summer vacation 56 TecPodium Interactive lecterns were installed in classrooms, computer labs, lecture halls and auditoriums across Campus.

The TecPodium Interactive is a breakthrough audio-visual lectern featuring HD resolution support, a new PC with digital outputs, an interactive pen display for on-screen annotation, high-resolution document camera, stereo sound and a new HD switcher scaler.

ecPodium Lecterns installed across Campus in classrooms and computer labs

The rich functionality of the smart podium meets the requirements of any presenter and its’ simple, easy to use design meets the requirements of modern learning environments.


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