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Alliance of RCF and DB Production Services provides sound solution for The Alliance

The Alliance, a Christ-based global movement, held their annual Alliance Council in Long Beach, California. Loveland, Colorado-based DB Production Services handled sound reinforcement.

     The in-the-round format of the event presented its challenges as the program musical elements were as diverse as praise band leading worship to semi-classical with large mixed-voice choirs to gospel sermons. The SPL, audience coverage and clarity all required great flexibility and musicality from the system. On top of that, “because of a design changed on-site to the stage from our client,” citing the last-minute notice from DB Production Services owner Dan Bashor, “we were unable to use our pre-desinged speaker system layout.”

     Trying to cover seating for 3,500 and on-the-fly changes, fortunately, “we had brought our new RCF HDL20-A and some HDL10-A (line array modules),” says Bashor. After relocating four of their system powered line arrays to address the longest seating throws, “we deployed 16 HDL20-A’s – some flown under lighting trusses and some directly on the floor in front of the stage for nearfield coverage. We used the HDL10-A’s for fill for the FOH control area that was located in a less than perfect hearing area.”

     Bashor continues, “After proper equalization and time alignment the system worked flawlessly around all four sides of the stage,” concluding, “we could not have achieved this result without great tools. I wish to say that the HDL line array is one of the best audio tools available.”

     DB Production Services is a full video, lighting and sound production provider for live events and music industry/presentation product support.

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