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Brea, CA – March 2009…


, recognized globally as a leading manufacturer of Modular AV Solutionsâ„¢, is pleased to announce that its AVSnap V4.2.0 professional AV system integration tool has been enhanced with several new features. The ideal tool for integrators, system engineers, sales professionals, and consultants to take a job from concept to completion, AVSnap V4.2.0 improves upon the user interface, the application’s responsiveness, and adds numerous additional enhancements that are geared toward making the software more robust and intuitive than ever— enabling clients to visualize their project from the onset.

Among its many new features, AVSnap V4.2.0 includes a new interface. Dramatically more intuitive, the revised interface is designed to streamline workflow. A significant part of the new interface is the incorporation of a completely re-designed layers function. Now offering as many as ten layers available for each page, the updated software makes it easier than ever to work with layers, including the ability to make layers visible, lock layers, and print layers.

Users of AVSnap V4.2.0 will certainly appreciate the application’s re-designed drawing functions. With this new software, the enhanced drawing functions have doubled in speed compared to earlier versions. This dramatic increase in responsiveness becomes all the more apparent when working with large, complex system designs. As part of this enhancement, the new software offers a simplified means of placing images on buttons. Now, the user can just drag an image on the button and then select whether or not the image should be applied to the up position or down position.

AVSnap V4.2.0 also receives a new table object. The new table object function simplifies positioning and formatting data that is in tabular form—enabling users to create better looking documents faster. This function enables the user to define visible or invisible cells and rows, depending upon the desired use for the table. New functions include horizontal cell padding, vertical cell padding, letter spacing, line spacing, and paragraph spacing. Users will find this new feature adds considerable flexibility and control—particularly when working with text. AVSnap V4.2.0 also provides improved alignment functions. User can now use the original object to align to it or any locked object.

AVSnap V4.2.0 also includes the ability to receive IPTV using a Video object in Control (Run) mode. This new feature enables one to receive and play the video image within AVSnap either by using his/her own video capture device, such as a webcam, or by playing streaming video from the Internet or via the local network.

Additional enhancements available in AVSnap V4.2.0 include the ability to add/delete snap points on symbols from within project mode—enabling one to easily create systems with a more refined layout. Now, a user can draw a cable on top of the symbol and then decide whether or not they want to create a snap point in that location. Adding yet another tool for creating sophisticated looking system diagrams, AVSnap V4.2.0 adds a “Drop Shade”? to any or all objects within the drawing. The Drop Shade function is useful for text, rectangles, and circles.

AVSnap V4.2.0 adds dramatically faster file loading capability. For those system designs that are large and complex, users will certainly appreciate the faster load times, which have been doubled.

Altinex President and CEO Jack Gershfeld commented on the company’s updated AVSnap V4.2.0 professional AV system integration tool. “AVSnap continues to grow and mature and is now more sophisticated than ever,”? says Gershfeld. “We’ve received valuable feedback from our growing legion of users and have incorporated many of their requests into this latest version. Users will certainly appreciate the refined interface, the enhanced layers functionality, and all the additional features this version incorporates. Altinex is committed to the continual improvement of this valuable system design tool and I’m confident system designers, salespeople, and others will appreciate all this new version has to offer.”?

AVSnap V4.2.0 is available as a free download at


About Altinex

Founded in 1993, ALTINEX, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of Modular AV Solutionsâ„¢. The company offers a comprehensive line of computer video interfaces, distribution amplifiers, switchers, matrix switchers, special application products, and a large variety of furniture connectivity products. Altinex is an ISO 9001:2000 certified corporation that conducts all R&D, design, manufacturing, marketing, and sales from its corporate headquarters in Brea, California, USA. For additional information, visit the company online at

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