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AmpliVox “Brilliantly Blue” Titan Portable Wireless PA Now Made in USA for Greater Sound Capability & Quality

The AmpliVox Titan Portable Wireless PA SW800-96 is “Brilliantly Blue” because it has a colorful blue back panel that shows off its full range of extensive capabilities; but it’s also blue because it’s now proudly made in the USA, resulting in greater innovation and quality.

“The Titan was made for ten years at an offshore location,” said AmpliVox CEO Don Roth. “We brought its manufacturing back to the U.S. in order to focus on upgrades such as improving from 16 to 96-channel wireless capability for interference-free sound. We also now have greater leverage on the product’s quality control, enabling us to extend the warranty from one to three years. The Titan joins our growing array of made-in-the-USA PA systems, lecterns, and multimedia furniture.”

The Titan PA is used everywhere that voice amplification is needed, for schools and churches, athletic fields, corporate events, auctions, emergency services and socially-distanced communications. It is designed and built for power, portability, convenience, expandability, and reliability:

  • Powerful 100 watt amplifier broadcasts strong, clear sound to audiences up to 2,500, in rooms up to 10,000 square feet, or outdoors
  • Built-in UHF wireless receiver and choice of wireless mic insure freedom of movement up to 100 feet from the base unit. Choose handheld, lapel & headset, or fleshtone over-ear wireless mic. Also includes a wired hand-held XLR mic with 25 foot cord.
  • 96-channel receiver that syncs easily with any of the three wireless microphone options, to help assure interference-free communication
  • Built in media-player plays recorded music or speech from multiple inputs – Bluetooth receiver, SD card slot, or USB slot
  • Sets up in minutes.
  • Compact 23”H x 11.5”W x 11”D; weighs only 35 pounds
  • Retractable luggage style handle and built-in wheels make it roll like a suitcase
  • Rechargeable battery lasts up to 10 hours
  • Bundled packages available with additional components such as mic stand, tripod, additional speaker for greater sound coverage, etc.
  • Can be upgraded with second wireless receiver, for an additional wireless microphone to accommodate a second presenter

“To coin a word that sums up all the Brilliantly Blue Titan has to offer,” said Roth, “we would say it’s ‘blue-tiful’.”

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