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AmpliVox Megaphones Ensure Clarity of Safety and Emergency Messages

Northbrook, IL:  March 2, 2022 – AmpliVox megaphones have proven invaluable “grab and go” communications devices in unpredictable times when its critical to reach audiences with clear messages of safety or sudden emergencies. The megaphones, in varying sizes, audience range capabilities, and with special features such as hand-held microphones and alarms, have been used by police and fire departments, first responders, public safety officials, school supervisors, and more.

“Even with all the public address systems that AmpliVox manufactures,” said AmpliVox CEO Don Roth, “megaphones remain one of our most tried-and-true products that are indispensable to so many of our customers, especially in these uncertain times.”

AmpliVox battery-powered megaphones are available in a wide range of models and audience ranges:

Anyone needing a megaphone should contact Don Roth, AmpliVox CEO, for special promotions; [email protected], (847) 404-8224.

In addition to megaphones and PA systems, AmpliVox offers a wide array of lecterns in various materials, colors and sizes, plus multimedia furniture.

To learn more about AmpliVox Sound Systems’ products, visit

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