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Analog Way Picturall Media Servers Now Support SPX Real-Time Graphics and VIOSO Projection Calibration Tools

Analog Way announces major additions in the new software release 3.5 for its Picturall™ series of media servers. The new release integrates Softpix’s SPX real-time graphics solution and supports VIOSO camera-based projector calibration to enable new applications, including panoramic cylinder projections or immersive projection domes.

The new functionalities follow the partnership agreements recently signed with Softpix Ltd, provider of graphics software and creative services as well as with VIOSO, pioneer in projector auto-alignment and leading provider of projection calibration software.

The integration of Softpix’s SPX real-time graphics solution into Analog Way’s Picturall™ series provides customers with a wide range of ready-made graphics templates, allowing customers to easily show and edit graphics and text on both live shows and fixed installations.

SPX integration comes with a special template pack consisting of about ten templates, including name straps, news tickers, countdown clocks, sponsor carousels and other essential graphics.  The templates’ colors and fonts can be themed with CSS style sheets, so they can act as a great resource for any production.

Customization is possible for specific projects and very complex interactions with third-party systems ranging from a customer’s Intranet and dynamic statistical graphs all the way to traffic control systems.

The integration of VIOSO calibration tools allows for easy support of complex multi-projector installations and automatic recalibration of projector alignment using one or more remotely controlled cameras.

Combined with the power of the Picturall™ media servers and their unique ability to reliability playback massive video content, it will be possible to easily drive immersive 360° projection domes or complex panoramic cylinder projections from a single media server.

Learn more about the Picturall™ Mark II range and the full list of features at

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