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Arista Corporation Announces the Emerald Series HDBaseT 2.0 Family of Transmitter/Receiver Products

Fremont, CA – March 2019… Arista Corporation, recognized globally as a leading manufacturer of video wall LCD displays, AV extenders, matrix switchers, AV MultiViewers, and related products for the AV installation and industrial markets, introduces the Emerald Series HDBaseT 2.0 Family of Transmitter/Receiver Products. Consisting of four products, with each based on the HDBaseT 2.0 architecture and controllable via either Telnet or an RS-232 interface, each product has a built-in web server and can be controlled via a common web browser.

The four products that constitute the Emerald Series product line are:

· ARD-0201-A00-RX: Dual HDBaseT Inputs Receiver

· ARD-1017-A00-TX: HDBaseT Transmitter with HDMI® Loopout

· ARD-0104-A10-TX: One HDMI input, four HDBaseT transmitters Splitter

· ARD-0104-A11-TX: One HDBaseT input, four HDBaseT transmitter Splitter

The new Arista Emerald Series product line offers a rich feature set. These include…

Video Source Switching: A video source selection switch is available on some models and the remote video sources can be easily switched to HDMI output via RS-232 commands, Telnet, or web-based control. When video source auto selection is enabled, the video source will be selected and sent to the HDMI output when the video source comes alive.

Control TV Display: All models in the Emerald product family have a built-in CEC command emulator. A “TV On” CEC command will be sent to the TV display via the HDMI cable when one of the video source channels receives a video signal. When Auto-Standby is enabled, a “TV Off” CEC command will be sent to the TV set to turn the TV off in 30 seconds when no video signal is present. The TV can be turned on and off, and audio can be muted via RS-232 commands, Telnet, or web-based control. The TV will display a blue blank screen when the video mute is activated.

Blank Video: Some of models in the Emerald Series have a Blank Video function available. A blue blank screen will be displayed when a Blank Video command is activated. The Blank Video function is useful when the presenter wants to direct the audiences’ focal point to something else other than display screen.

RS-232 routing and Firmware Update: Web control provides RS-232 control routing to either one of the remote HDBaseT transmitter/receiver’s RS-232. That means that an RS-232 command can be issued locally or from either one of the remote HDBaseT transmitter/receiver’s RS-232 port. Additionally, the firmware can be updated via the RS-232 interface locally or via RS-232 on the transmitter/receiver unit.

IR Emulator: Each model in the Emerald Series product family has a built-in IR emulator. The IR emulator is capable of learning IR codes from the IR remote control and is capable of sending IR commands via the IR emitter when the TV remote control functions cannot be achieved via CEC commands. The Web control also provides IR routing: the IR signal can be routed from either one of the transmitter/receiver’s IR port for an alternative TV control tool.

USB: The USB connection on each model can be routed to either one of the Transmitter’s USB ports if remote USB accessibility is required.

PoE: Each model in the Emerald family has PoE capability to power a remote transmitter or receiver. Further, the Splitter model in the family can turn off each PoE output individually to power off the remote receiver.

Power On/Off: Each model in the Emerald family has a power saving circuit that can be controlled remotely. It will go into sleep mode when the main power circuit is turned off. The main power circuit can be turned on and off remotely via web control or RS-232. This conserves 80% of the power when it goes into sleep mode.

Paul Shu, President of Arista Corporation, commented on the company’s new Emerald Series product line, “Our new Emerald Series products bring a wealth of functionality to the contemporary meeting or presentation space. With support for HDBaseT 2.0, Telnet, and RS-232 these products offer today’s AV integrator a wealth of choices when configuring a new presentation system. I’m confident system designers and end users alike will find much to like with this new product group.”

The Arista Emerald Series product line varies in pricing depending upon the desired unit and its configuration. For additional information, contact Arista Corporation at 510-226-1800.

Arista’s Emerald Series product family will be on display during the 2019 InfoComm Show in Orlando, FL – Booth #1161.

About Arista Corporation

Arista offers products for a variety of professional audio-visual markets, including events, retail, residential, education, government, healthcare, and control rooms. Networked AV over IP has forever changed the dynamics of the pro AV industry by enabling installers and system integrators to replace proprietary AV matrix switches with off-the-shelf Ethernet networks that deliver dramatically better price/performance, flexibility, and scalability. Arista focuses on this market trend and has invested considerable resources on developing and expanding its networked AV over IP product families to help customers achieve their goals with the latest technology products. To learn more Arista Corporation, visit


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