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Arrive Systems Inc. announces HuddlePoint™ powering BYO Conferencing – BYOC

Cypress, CA, USA – 11h, June, 2015 – Arrive Systems, Inc. ( the edgeless media company announces their new HuddlePoint™ product line.  Purposefully designed to meet the explosive needs of business transformation, HuddlePoint™ integrated conferencing hubs leverage the most flexible, new approach to business collaboration – bring-your-own-conferencing (BYOC).  This allows a business person to use their own video conferencing codec and instantly connect them in larger group settings.

HuddlePoint™ capitalizes on the fact that todays’ mobile devices carry not just one, but several powerful video conferencing codecs.  Polycom, Cisco, Skype, Go-to-Meeting, Vidyo, Zoom, Google hangouts, to name a few.  HuddlePoint™ wirelessly connects your mobile Android, Apple or Windows 8.1 device to a large screen display and mirrors both video and audio, delivering a large screen experience.  As an easy to operate, integrated central hub, HuddlePoint™ connects USB equipped devices with Arrives’ Full HD PTZ Camera and Powerful Omni-Directional Microphone.  This powerful system incorporates Arrives’ patent pending microphone perch.  This uniquely positions the microphone for maximum pick-up within a minimum footprint.  Together, this delivers a high quality experience in smaller spaces.

Designed for ease of use and convenience of all use-cases, HuddlePoint™ also includes an auto-switching video switcher and scalar with LED Indicators indicating the video source – VGA / HDMI or DisplayPort provided for making wired presentation.  It connects with user devices using up to 6ft of VGA/ HDMI/ DisplayPort Cables and parks them in a cable receptacle using via Arrives’ patent pending “comb” cable manager. 

For additional ease and utility, HuddlePoint™ includes Arrives’ ChargePlus integrated smart device charger.  This provides auto-sensed charging of mainstream smartphones, tablets, as well as iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tablets. 

The HuddlePoint™ line is comprised of several models, incorporating different feature sets and form factors.  This includes desktop and flush mount versions.  HuddlePoint™ further extends Arrives’ innovative MediaPoint™ Media Collaboration product line, supporting the most commonly used wireless and wired connectivity platforms in a single device.  Together, these scalable platforms power in-room media and video collaboration.  Users are able to manage all aspect of their collaboration experience without the need for any other interface.  

In summary, HuddlePoint™ features a powerful compliment of transformative business features and functions including:

·       Bring-your-own-conferencing (BYOC) – supporting users’ mobile device platforms

·       Video and audio mirroring

·       Large screen experience in an easy to operate, small footprint – integrated hub

·       Connects USB devices with full HD PTZ Camera and Microphone – Perch mounted

·       Auto-switching Video Source with LED Indicators and a button panel.

·       Arrives’ “comb” cable manager and ChargePlus integrated smart device charger

HuddlePoint™ is the latest innovation to Arrives’ line-up of Unified Media and Video Collaboration Appliances.  This product has been designed to satisfy the needs of business evolution.  As sighted by experts such as Wainhouse Research – the new Huddle explosion must allow for all codecs, focus on simplicity, content, workflow, BYOD friendly and require little to no training.  It must be an innovative blend of A/V and IT that delivers intuitive workflow.  Experts predict that 30 to 50 million Huddle rooms will share this same requirement.  HuddlePoint™ delivers all in an elegant, cost effective package.      

Aseem Gupta, CEO of Arrive Systems, said “we have spent years studying what truly delivers a collaborative, dynamic and efficient shared work experience.  From that study, we have synthesized the need and assembled the technologies to deliver.  Blending ease of work flow and a quality experience, HuddlePoint™ has been constructed to power the next generation of global business evolution.”  

“We have truly captured the need in our design.  HuddlePoint™ blends fidelity of experience with ease of use.” stated David Baker, Chief Collaboration Officer of Arrive Systems.  

Arrive Systems invites all to see the new HuddlePoint™ line at Infocomm15, in Orlando, Florida on June 17-19.  Arrive will be located at Booth #2686.

About Arrive Systems, Inc.

Arrive Systems Inc. (“ARRIVE®”) a Cypress CA based US company, provides factory integrated solutions as well as innovative hardware and software platforms to offer unified communication & collaboration (UC&C) advantages by enabling high performance environments in education, enterprise, government, healthcare and hospitality markets. The company’s innovative and green ICT solutions are used for Extreme Collaboration, Interactive Room Signage, Lecture Capture, Internet-of-Things, Cloud Media Processing and Wireless Connectivity.

Arrive’s Edgeless Media ® products are created to provide the ability for systems integrators and users to benefit from the AV and IT crossover opportunity of merging the wired world of AV with the wireless and cloud connected world of IT.

Born-for-Innovation, Arrive was built, ground up by its visionary founder Aseem Gupta, an inventor, who has created and patented transformational technology platforms using considerable entrepreneurial and product development experience with Arrive’s team of talented engineers to develop the Edgeless Media Platform and provide seamless unified AV-IT crossover green technology products.

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Arrive Systems, Inc. Rhodora Solis.  (


Arrive®, Arrive Edgeless Media®, Arrive FacePoint®, Arrive MediaPoint™, Arrive ControlPoint™ and Internet-of-Edgeless Things™ are trademarks of Arrive. All other companies and/or products listed are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

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