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Artistic Image Creates A Magnetic Concept That Grants The Power To Transform For ‘BEN 10 10 10,‘ An FX-Driven Package For Cartoon Network Latin America

There isn’t a kid alive -or adult for that matter – who doesn’t

wish for the power to transform. Even if it’s a wish granted only once, the pull toward changing into something other than yourself, even for a short while, is powerful.

Artistic Image

(AI) captured that fantasy, transforming it into a magnetic concept for a graphic-driven package of openings, teasers, and bumpers about a boy with the ability to morph into alien creatures. The package was created to promote Cartoon Network Latin America’s broadcast special event, showcasing several episodes of their animated series, ‘Ben 10.’

The hybrid production, design and post company’s concept for the package takes the show’s essence – the transformative power of the central character – and applies it to the logo, thereby zoning in on what viewers already love about the concept and creating a natural link between it and the universe Artistic Image created.

So how exactly do the logos transform? Artistic Image designed and animated eight visually eclectic worlds, from a

humming space station

to austere,

futuristic buildings

that hold their own secrets (if you look closely “Ben 10” characters, recurring and debuting, are hidden in the animations to tease the viewer). The design and concept was Artistic Image’s, but its creatively open client had one caveat: these worlds had to transform into the stunt logo at the end.

“After getting a good feel for its audience and tone, we looked for references that would fit

the show as well as give us inspiration for a bigger, movie-like title sequence,” explains AI’s owner and director of animation/design

Ed Dye

. “We presented concepts and look-and-feel style frames to the client showing how we would move on the logo in 3D space and how each move would resolve to the established logo at the end.”

One of those treatments achieves its cinematic aspirations by nodding to one of the most eagerly anticipated upcoming films. The teaser entitled


recreates the viewpoint of a rider in the film’s Light Cycle arena before resolving into the “Ben 10” logo.

“Our team is made up of the top artist in each discipline, so when we move through each department of the studio and its process we get expert advice that adds to the vision,” says Dye. “We all collaborate on every project, big or small – from start to finish – and work together to make it great.”

Artistic Image’s multi-disciplinary team of artist applied their collaborative approach to the project, using an arsenal of equipment, including the MAYA, Cinema 4D, After Effects, Photoshop, illustrator, and Final Cut.

About Artistic Image: Artistic Image is a multi award-winning world-class design, live-action production, VFX and editorial company that takes a conceptual and collaborative approach to crafting ideas that connect to and inspire our client’s market. We are multi-disciplinary, multi-platform and without boundaries.

Our collective of designers, animators, editors and 3D artists take each project from concept through completion in a nimble, open-architecture creative environment that provides seamless workflow and premiere client services.

We traverse mediums by bringing ideas to life in commercials, network media, film, emerging media, music videos and print. Our ethos is simple but foundational: we give our artists the flexibility and freedom to focus on coming up with innovative, bleeding-edge solutions for every project.


PROJECT: “Ben 10 10 10” teaser, promo, opening + bumper graphic package.

CLIENT: Cartoon Network Latin America/Atlanta – Writer/Producer: Eduardo Braganca, Production Coordinator: Zulay Guthrie

VISUAL FX & ANIMATION CO: Artistic Image/Atlanta – Animation Director/Designer: Ed Dye, Daniel Wiggins, FX Artist: Jim Roberson, Animators: Daniel Barnes, Daniel Wiggins, Lighter: Jeff Ling, Modeler: Lee Kordel

EDITORIAL/POST CO: Artistic Image/Atlanta – Editor + Compositor: Jim Roberson.

AUDIO POST COMPANY: Soap Box/ Atlanta – Mixer: Nikos Mavromatis.

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