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Atlona Technologies to Host Free Product Training Presentations at CEDIA ‘09 in Atlanta Georgia, Booth 6519

CEDIA Expo ’09 in Atlanta Georgia is right around the corner and Atlona Technologies is excited to be a part of the exhibit. Atlona Technologies, leading solutions manufacturer of Audio Video Connectivity accessories, have decided to take it amongst themselves to actively host a series of product trainings at their booth throughout the event. These presentations are intended to not only showcase many of Atlona’s newest and innovative products on the market today, but will also provide knowledge over basic and advanced AV accessory usage. Atlona Technologies pride themselves on making sure distributors, as well as end users alike, feel comfortable and confident in understanding the products they manufacture. With these trainings, anyone can get a grasp of the latest in technology as well as the benefits Atlona has to offer to everyone from home installation to custom installers.

Along with this training, Atlona will be host to a number of other events and opportunities including prizes and giveaways to be won every day. Don’t miss out. Join Atlona Technologies, Booth 6519, at CEDIA ’09 in all the fun, excitement, and education that can be offered.

Thursday September 10th

10:00 AM – Atlona Manufacturer Training

11:00 AM – Extension Basics

12:00 PM – Extension Advanced

2:00 PM – Switching Basics

3:00 PM – Switching Advanced

4:00 PM – Amplification Basics

5:00 PM – Amplification Advanced

Friday September 11th

10:00 AM – Atlona Manufacturer Training

11:00 AM – Conversion Basics

12:00 PM – Conversion Advanced

2:00 PM – Cabling Vs. Balun Solutions

3:00 PM – Extension Basics

4:00 PM – Extension Advanced

5:00 PM – Multi Room Product Applications

Saturday September 12th

10:00 AM – Atlona Manufacturer Training

11:00 AM – Switching Basics

12:00 PM – Switching Advanced

2:00 PM – Cabling Vs. Balun Solutions

3:00 PM – Conversion Basics

4:00 PM – Conversion Advanced

Sunday September 13th

11:00 AM – Atlona Manufacturer Training

12:00 AM – Cabling Vs. Balun Solutions

1:00 PM – Multi Room Product Applications

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Joshua Carlson, (408) 954-8782 ext 123,

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