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Attero Tech Ships the First Professional Bluetooth Audio Networked Solutions

Fort Wayne, IN—November 2016… Attero Tech, a leading manufacturer of affordable, networked A/V solutions, is shipping two new Bluetooth® audio interfaces. Not to be confused with consumer Bluetooth interfaces, the Attero Tech unBT2A and unD6IO-BT are the first Bluetooth-enabled audio devices designed specifically for use with commercially installed AV systems. Attero Tech also released its new unDNEMO-BT, the world’s first Bluetooth-enabled, Dante™ network audio monitor.

Both Attero Tech Bluetooth audio interfaces employ a simple, consistent, one-button pairing and connect process that avoids the frustration often associated with pairing consumer Bluetooth products. The pairing button is defeatable for restricted-use applications with third-party control systems, that wish to remotely manage the Bluetooth interface and pairing process. A front panel LED indicates connection status. Each unBT2A or unD6IO-BT interface, as well as the unDNEMO-BT, can be assigned a customizable, Bluetooth-friendly name for applications with multiple co-located interfaces to minimize errant connections. The interfaces are compatible with most smartphones, iPads, and Android tablets.

Attero Tech’s unBT2A is an in-wall interface in a single-gang, Decora form factor that adds Bluetooth audio connectivity to installed audio systems. The unBT2A provides balanced analog audio outputs, so it’s universally compatible with any installed audio system. It’s an excellent choice for hotel ballrooms, conference centers, restaurants and bars, sports facilities, spas, and convention centers. The unit’s mini-B USB port provides a bus-powered connection for initial product setup at installation and for firmware updates. The unBT2A is compatible with Attero Tech’s unIFY GUI for Windows for simple system commissioning.

Included with the unBT2A, Attero Tech’s unBT2A EXP expander unit provides balanced mono or stereo analog audio output on three-pin depluggable connectors, enabling easy connection to the audio system. The outputs are software switchable between -10 dBV (consumer) and +4 dBu (professional) nominal output levels. The unBT2A EXP sports an RS-232 port for third-party control and customization, using a simple serial protocol.

The first audio interface to offer Bluetooth connectivity to a Dante network with professional-class control, the unD6IO-BT Multi-I/O Dante Audio Interface is a dual-gang wall box offering both consumer-style, wired audio I/O and stereo Bluetooth wireless audio input. This combination enables easy connection of a wide range of devices to a Dante network.

The unD6IO-BT’s front panel provides line-level audio input on two RCA connectors, along with a stereo, line-level, 3.5 mm TRS audio input. The inputs can be selected via software, individually or in combination, as an audio flow.  The front panel is equipped with a TRS stereo line level output on 3.5mm driven from the Dante network. The outputs also support remote volume control.

Featuring 802.3af-compliant PoE (Power over Ethernet), the unD6IO-BT works with any compliant PoE network switch. The interface is recommended for installs in venues such as hotel ballrooms, conferencing applications, convention centers, restaurants and bars, and sports, spas, and fitness facilities.

Attero Tech’s unDNEMO-BT Dante 64-channel Network Monitor is an audio monitoring system with an internal monitor speaker and built-in microphone that provides end users with a simple solution for selection and monitoring of up to 64 Dante audio channels. Equipped with full-duplex USB audio capabilities, it can stream audio to and from a Windows® PC and serve as a hands-free USB soft-conferencing device. Full-duplex Bluetooth audio connectivity enables wireless listening with Bluetooth headsets. You also get a rear-panel 3.5 mm TRS auxiliary line input that can be routed back to the Dante network.

The front panel sports Volume, Channel, Source Select, and Mute buttons. An easy-to-read OLED display presents channel names, volume settings, and configuration information.

Two network connections allow Dante daisy-chaining of multiple unDNEMO-BTs and other Attero Tech daisy-chain-enabled devices over a single home run to the Ethernet switch. Attero Tech’s unIFY GUI for Windows is available for system setup and enables integrators to select names for the audio flows to replace the native Dante flow names. The unDNEMO-BT can be powered by an external +24 VDC supply or can be PoE powered with any 802.3af-compliant PoE network switch or mid-span injector.

The unDNEMO-BT is recommended for a variety of applications, including command and control rooms to provide easy and private access to multiple Dante audio feeds, legislative applications to allow staff to listen in on floor debates or hearing room discussions, and simultaneous interpretation and delegate systems. Stock brokerage offices can use it to monitor audio from network and cable financial channels. It’s also a great choice for sports bars and restaurants to allow each table to listen to audio form any of the video screens.

Attero Tech’s unBT2A and unD610-BT Bluetooth audio interfaces and unDNEMO-BT Dante network monitor will be available November 2016.

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