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Audazzio Announces Partnership with The Montag Group

Audazzio “Live QR™” technology leverages ultrasonic, data-encoded sound waves to instantly create valuable second-screen opportunities on viewer phones and tablets, with benefits for broadcasters, sponsors and consumers alike 

San Antonio, TX: Following closely on the heels of closing a $1.4 million second round of funding, Audazzio, an innovative software startup and recent participant in Comcast NBCUniversal’s SportsTech Accelerator program, is pleased to announce it has retained the services of The Montag Group, the leading sports media talent representation firm whose clients include well-known U.S. sports broadcasters, sports executives and coaches. The announcement was made by Danny Abelson, Audazzio Chief Operating Officer, and further underscores the company’s ongoing strategic business plan as it continues the rollout of its proprietary “Live QR™” technology, which leverages ultrasonic, data-encoded sound waves to instantly create valuable second-screen opportunities on viewer phones and tablets.

“We have hired The Montag Group to serve as business development consultants for Audazzio, for which The Montag Group is uniquely qualified, because of their experience helping technology companies pioneer solutions in the sports and entertainment markets, due primarily to Sandy Montag’s remarkable relationships within our industry,” stated Danny Abelson. “Sandy, along with Matt Kauffman and their team, recognized Audazzio as a company that had a unique technological offering, and they believed that The Montag Group has the foundational understanding of how to deploy that technology in the industries they serve. After having the chance to meet them personally in Los Angeles, it became immediately obvious to me that Audazzio would meaningfully benefit from this relationship.”

Sandy Montag, President of The Montag Group, agreed, remarking that “since the inception of The Montag Group in 2015, we have prided ourselves on a strong track record of delivering unique value to our industry through the clients that we have chosen to represent. We are excited for the opportunity to partner with Audazzio, as they are well-positioned to provide meaningful solutions to fan engagement-related challenges that networks, leagues and teams are facing every day.”

Matt Kauffman, Vice President of TMG Consulting, a core vertical within The Montag Group dedicated to building and accelerating businesses, added, “As we’ve proven to be a valuable commercial growth partner across our roster of startup clients, the nature of this ecosystem requires us to apply a great deal of scrutiny to any nascent technology that we consider partnering with. In the case of Audazzio, we were impressed by the rock-solid foundation of engineering and operational expertise that they already have installed within their organization, and we believe their product to be ripe for acceleration across the sports and entertainment landscape.”

In much the same way that a QR code graphic provides a unique digital fingerprint for a variety of uses, the Audazzio Live QR™ algorithm encodes data as sound that is inaudible to the human ear but perfectly discernable by mobile devices – opening the door to a whole world of applications for savvy broadcasters, sponsors and beyond. Audazzio provides clients with tools to facilitate focused messaging directly to fans in real time, either at home or in a stadium or arena. And crucially, it provides clients the ability to understand exactly who is engaged with a game or event, creating proximity marketing opportunities previously unavailable to sponsors and broadcasters. Sports broadcast and in-person event experiences are obvious areas of application for this technology; however, this only scratches the surface of the potential of these technologies, with active workshopping underway for uses far beyond sports and telecast.

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